6th Grade Learning Goals Unit 1

What is a Blog?

Learning Goal: I will create a blog that allows me to safely, respectfully and responsibly communicate with my peers an introduction about myself and the best part of my summer break.  *use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including a a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others

Success Criteria:

I can explain what a blog is and why it is beneficial.            
I can apply the 8 safety tips for blogging EVERY time I blog.
I can think before I post/publish anything online.

I can log onto my Jeffco Google account.                                                                                        
I can open up Blogger by typing www.blogger.com into the address bar.
I can name my blog, choose a template and create a new post that includes three paragraphs.
    Paragraph 1: What I did over my summer...
    Paragraph 2: What am I looking forward to in sixth grade...
    Paragraph 3: Your choice (remembering to apply all 8 safety tips)
I can proofread and revise my writing prior to publishing.
I can use my creativity to change the font face, size and color.
I can preview my post to ensure it is visually appealing.
I can protect my privacy settings and designate who has rights to read my blog.
I can publish my blog.
I can invite people I know to read my blog.
I can add my blog URL to the grade level form.
I can open my new emails and accept the invitations to read my classmates' blogs.
I can add the blogs* of my classmates to my reading list. *This only works for public blogs, so we cannot do this step.

Holtz' Blogs

Challenge: I will create an additional post about something I am interested* in and or know quite a bit about. The purpose of this post will be to share my knowledge and communicate with others (within my privacy settings) that share similar interests.

*topic must be school appropriate and abide by our safe, respectful and responsible digital citizenship standards