Fifth Grade Learning Goals Unit 1

Learning Goal: I will collaborate with others to create and share a project using my technology skills on a variety of technology tools. *Contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems.

Success Criteria:
I can log on to my computer using my username and password.
I can collaborate with my partner to be creative and create a presentation introducing ourselves to the class.
We can share a document on Google Docs to communicate information about selves and make a plan.
We can use either PowToons or Prezi.
    *For help using PowToons, I can click Powtoon Tutorial
     *For help using Prezi, I can click Prezi Tutorial
We can create an account using our email address.
             --creating a student Prezi account
             --creating a student Powtoon account
                   Join your classes Powtoon--click here
                   The code you will need to join is written on the dry erase board next to the SmartBoard
We can use our critical thinking skills to navigate and try out the new learning tools.
We can teach our audience about our similarities and differences.
We can save and name our project.
We can find and open our project.
I can reflect on my learning and evaluate my personal success by completing the Google Form below.
I can sign out of the website I am currently working on and close out all websites.
I can log out of my computer to keep my digital footprint safe.