Learning Goal Unit 6

Learning Goal: I will collaborate with my peers to create a program for our audience members attending our second grade program. Global Collaborator and Creative Communicator

Success Criteria:
I can log into my Jeffco Google account.
I can open up the shared document 2nd Grade Program Template.
I can collaborate with my group to creatively share information about our program.
We can critically think about and type a summary describing our classes portion of the program.
We can show our appreciation by writing a thank you letter on the back of our program.
We can design a cover that catches the audiences attention and clearly displays the title, location,  date and time of the program.
I can change the font face and size to make the best use of the space.
I can proofread my work and other's work.
I can add images to give our program a professional look.
I can add comments and offer suggestions to help everyone in our group have pride in our final product.

**Screencasts are not provided; this unit is an opportunity to apply skills you have previously learned this year.