Application Process

The Diploma Programme is for the student who is willing to work hard at his/her studies. A student having the following characteristics would be a good candidate for the program:
  • an ability to cope with several demanding classes simultaneously
  • a willingness to develop personal study habits, including self-discipline, self-motivation, and time management
  • a capacity for thinking critically and creatively
  • some fluency in a second language, or willingness to become fluent
  • an international outlook and a genuine concern for others

The Diploma Programme, while demanding, is open to the average and above-average student. It appeals to students with a wide range of interests, abilities, and talents.  However, that being said, we are very aware that some students may be realistically unable or unprepared academically to handle the rigor and challenge of this program.  We ask you to consider the following suggestions carefully before you decide to apply for the Diploma Programme.

Students interested in applying for the AIHS Diploma Programme will attend an information meeting in November of their 10th grade year.  Applications will be available during the meeting and are due by the end of their 10th grade fall semester.