Visual Arts Class
with Mrs. Poort

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Contact information:

Marisa Poort 
303-982-2795 (voicemail)

1. Late work: Students have one week after they receive project and writing grades to rework or redo any work for an improved grade.

2. Art work: Once a grade appears in the grade book, parents should expect student to bring that work home about one week later (teacher may use it to display). During Q3 and Q4, we may be experimenting with posting artwork on your student's google classroom. 

3. Project information: All project due dates, rubrics, and assignment and project descriptions can be located on your student's google classroom. 

NOTE: All current information for 6th and 7th grade art, quarters 3 and 4 will be housed in your student's google classroom. Please email me if you would like to be invited to view your student's google classroom page.

NOTE 2: 6th grade calendar: yellow; 7th grade calendar: red

6th grade period 5