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Washington D.C. Trip

Current 7th Grade Students!

8th Grade Class Trip to Washington DC/NY!

WHEN: May 26 - May 30 2020

WHO: Students enrolled in 8th grade 2019-2020 school year

How Much? - $2,045 BEFORE June 1

 Register at - 

1. http://www.globaltravelalliance.com/enroll

2. Enter your Group ID:  20021 and Group Leader: Meyer

by June 1, 2019

Contact: Mrs. Julie Meyer - Group Leader

Current 7th Grade Students!

Information will be coming soon about the 2019-2020 Class Trip to Washington DC!

To learn more about the American Heritage Program, click HERE

Some facts about our trip:
- Summit Ridge travels with Ken Caryl Middle School
- Tours fill up quickly! We average 50 student travelers each year!
- 10:1 chaperone ratio
- All meals beginning with breakfast day 1 and ending lunch day 5 included
- Nighttime security
- Highly reputable Hotels
-Luxury Motor Coach Travel
- Awesome Teacher Chaperones!

Washington D.C.