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Summit Ridge Middle School 8 Green Math

The second Thursday of every month I have NJHS meetings.

Therefore, I am not available for after-school help.

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2018 - 2019 Algebra and Math 8

Information and Expectations

Summit Ridge Middle School     Mrs. Hecox    Voice Mail (303) 982-1540    email Lhecox@jeffco.k12.co.us

 Welcome to 8th grade.  We are going to have a wonderful time learning and exploring mathematics.  In order to be successful in this class, all students need to understand the following norms:

·          Everyone can learn math to the highest levels

·         Mistakes are valuable

·         Questions are really important

·         Math is about creativity and making sense

·         Math is about connections and communicating

·         Depth is more important than speed

·         Math class is about learning not performing

                                        ·            Believe in yourself, it changes what you can do

·            Discussions deepen you mathematical understanding

                                                            By Jo Boaler

To help with these norms students need to come to class ready to participation, do homework, and studying (Coming in after school or during Access). Every day you need to be prepared to participate in the class activities.  This will help you learn and understand mathematics.  Homework needs to be high quality, complete and turned in on time.  You need to be willing to come in and get extra help when you do not understand a concept and you must study for tests.  Focusing on these areas will help you meet the norms and be successful.

Grading Scale Rubric

 A - I can complete the task without help, Independent learner, Can identify mistakes, Can apply knowledge to real world situations 100% - 90%

B - I can complete the task without help, Independent learner, Can identify mistakes, Attempts to apply knowledge to real world situations 89% - 80%

C - I can complete the task with help, Can identify mistakes with help 79% - 70%

D - I can complete the task while someone explains it to me, Cannot identify mistakes 69% - 60%

F - I can complete the task while someone explains it to me, Cannot identify mistakes, Cannot figure out how to start  below 59%

 Grades are determined by the following scales:

            Math 8 = 45% assessments, 25% Quizzes, 30% Homework/Class work,

            Algebra = 45% assessments, 25% Quizzes, 30% Homework/Class work,


            There will be assessments after every unit. To do well on assessments, students must study and participate in class activities. There will be quizzes during each unit. Quizzes will be given frequently throughout each unit to show learning of standards. 

 Test and Quiz Corrections

            Students will have an opportunity to improve quiz and unit test scores below 70%. Students must have a completed and graded review sheet to be eligible for unit test corrections. To improve quiz scores, students must show their understanding of the standard by correcting the quiz and test. Maximum score for improved test scores will be 70%. To improve test and quiz scores, students must demonstrate knowledge of standards by passing a correction quiz.

 Homework and Class Work Scoring Rubric

            There will be homework at least three times a week.  You will be expected to spend up to 20 minutes a day (this may include Friday) on math homework.  We will correct homework the next day. Homework and class work will be graded as follows: 

Rubric for Grading Homework

Grade Earned

Performance Description

Full Credit

The student can perform the skill or process important to the topic with no significant errors and with fluency. In addition, the student understands the key features of the process


The student can perform the skill or process important to the topic without making significant errors.


The student makes some significant errors when performing the skill or process important to the topic but still accomplishes a rough approximation of the skill or process

less than 50%

The student makes so many errors in performing the skill or process important to the topic that he or she cannot actually perform the skill or process.


No judgment can be made about the student’s ability to perform the skill or process.

 Late Work Policy

            I will accept late work till the end of the unit. The philosophy behind this is homework is practice and I want the work to be done and life happens. Some units are only two weeks.  Don’t get too far behind on turning in work or you will have 2 – 3 hours of math homework over the weekend. You may correct homework for 100%.

Materials  (Must have by Thursday August 23rd)

1. 1 – 100 sheet composition books quad ruled 9 ¾ x 7 ½ in.             2. Pencils and Pens

3. Homework planner              4.  Colored pencils          5. Highlighters          6. 1 or 2” 3 ring binder

7. Dry Erase Markers 

 Extra Credit

Extra credit will not be given out!!! To earn extra credit, students can do high quality work that deserves to be recognized.

Khan Academy

We use Khan Academy as a compliment to the math curriculum. It is intended to be an online resource to prepare, practice, and master the skills they are learning in school- BEFORE they learn it in school.

For each unit, there will be recommended skills that need to be practiced and mastered by the end of the unit. These skill will be found under the Khan Academy tab. These mastery recommendations are to be completed by the end of the unit.

It is strongly suggested that each week students practice the mastery recommendations. I will give suggestions of the skills that should be worked on each week. Please do not wait till the end of the unit to practice the skills. 

 Classroom Expectations 

1. Be prepared for class before the bell rings.  This means all materials (comp book, pencil, and pens) are in the classroom at the beginning of class.

2. Use class time effectively.  Stay on task and make an honest effort on every activity.

3. We deserve a SOARing environment. Safe, Own-it (be responsible), Attitude, Respect

4.  Do not affect the learning of others.

5.  Students who continually require my attention for disciplinary reasons will have a conference and consequences will be determined then.

Cell Phones

 Students may carry cell phones or other electronics devices in their pockets or on their person. However, they must be in the off position all day and used only in a school emergency. Students will place cell phones on their desk face down during class. They may only use their cell phone when the teacher says they can. They may not be used in the hallways between class periods. If teachers see earbuds at anytime, they will be taken. If a student violates this policy, the following steps will take place:

First violation - Student sent to office with the device and a referral at the time of violation.  Student receives warning, and the device is returned at the end of the day.

Second violation -Student sent to office with the device and a referral at the time of violation. Parent is called and must pick up at end of the day.

Third Violation - Student sent to office with the device and a referral at the time of violation. Parent is called and must pick up.

Fourth and Subsequent Violations - Student sent to office with the device and a referral at the time of violation. Parents is called and must pick up device. The student will lose privilege of having any technology with them at school.


This is the Year-at-a-Glance for Math 8 and Algebra. These are the units we will be covering this year. Daily objectives and homework will be posted on my website each day. Concepts that the students will be tested on are found in each students comp book under the unit tab in the Table of Contents. 












Math 8

Grade 8

Reasoning with Equations

11-14 Days

Modeling Linear 


23-29 Days



20-24 Days

Transformation Congruence, and Similarity

20-24 Days

Using Rational Irrational Numbers

17-22 Days

Exponents and Operations with Scientific Notation

18-23 Days

Bivariate          Problem

Statistics           Solve             

10-22 Days     14-17


Algebra 1

Grade 9

Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities

12-16 Days

Modeling with Linear Functions

22-26 Days

Quadratics and Polynomials

28-35 Days

Modeling with Exponential Functions

20-25 Days

Descript Statistics

15-19 Days

Analyzing Functions

20-25 Days

Algebraic Reasoning w/geometry concepts

12-15 Days

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 Big Ideas Math Textbook Resource

To Access the Big Ideas Math textbook online, following the steps below.

Click on Log in with Active Directory

Student username is the information before

Use your password currently connected to the account above.

You can also access the textbook through the textbook tap on the left.

Learning Targets
These are the learning targets for Math 8 and Algebra. We will be focusing on these targets throughout the unit. Students will be tested on these targets through quizzes, projects and end of the unit assessments.

The units displayed on the home page are the units we are currently working on. 

Math 8