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Weekly News: November 16
  • Please send $1.00 to cover expenses for Olden Days Activities: Next Friday morning, November 20th, the children will participate in a variety of activities from the "olden days." They will be shaking cream into butter, baking corn bread, weaving, and playing games such as marbles, Tiddly Winks, Old Maid, and Cat's Cradle. It will be a lot of fun! The $1.00 will cover the cost for baking items and materials. Parent volunteers are needed for this day. If you can help from 9:45-11:50, please email me. Thank you!
  • Report cards: Report cards went home on Friday. Please look over the report card with your children. Pat them on the back for 3's. It means they are showing grade-level work consistently. Set some goals in areas where children received a "2." That simply means they aren't consistently showing work that is at grade-level. If children received a 4, they are working consistently above grade level in that area. Report card envelopes should be signed and returned next week. 
  • Field Trip this Week, Wednesday, November 18th: State Capital and Molly Brown House Field Trip: Please send a disposable sack lunch. We will board busses at 10:15 am and return at approximately 2 pm.
  • Book Projects: Due this week, Thursday, November 19th.
  • New 3rd Grade Web Page coming soon!: We will be switching over to a 3rd grade team web page in a week or two. Instead of individual classroom teacher names, you will see a 3rd Grade link for weekly news.
  • Thank you for the delicious, early Thanksgiving PTA lunch! Wow, what a great feast and yummy!
  • Please return Friday Folders by Thursday, so I can get them ready to go home the next day.

Thanks for sending your child to school ready to learn,

Homework: Homework will be practice, application or an extension of what is learned in class. The homework assignments will be meaningful, purposeful, and aligned to classwork. At Ralston, we believe homework should be flexible in order to respond to the needs of the students.  Therefore, you will not see the exact same assignments on a weekly basis.  Homework will be sent via Friday Folders and posted weekly on my classroom website, so please be sure to check both.

  • Homework is due on Thursday morning.
  1. Math Packet: A packet this in week's Friday Folder.         
  2. Fact mastery is critical for success many other mathematical areas. Please be sure your child works to memorize these addition facts.
  • Subtraction Fact Mastery: Each week will focus on subtracting a specific number, rather than all the facts. The subtraction fact order will be -2, -3, -4 through -10. We will finish with a 0-10 mastery of all the facts. Each Friday, students will take a 50 fact subtraction test. They will have 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the test. That's 4 seconds per fact. Students must score at least 48 out of 50 facts to pass and need to pass 3 times to demonstrate mastery.  You may download practice pages on the math links page on the sidebar on the left.
    • If your child is having trouble with remembering subtraction facts, click here for some subtraction strategies.
  • Click here for online multiplication fact games.
  • Click here for online subtraction math games.
  • Click here for online addition math practice games.
  • Challenge pages are also available for students seeking math enrichment. 
  • Multiplication sundae fact learning order: 0 and 1-bowl, 2-spoon, 10-half of a banana, 5-half of a banana, 11-scoop of ice cream, 3-topping, 9- topping, 7-scoop of ice cream, 8-topping, 12-scoop, 4-cookie, 6-whipped cream, and 0-12 mixed facts review-cherry.

Reading:  Students should find an adventure book to read at home. It should be about 100 pages. Due November 19th. For information about the book report project click here.

  • Students should complete at least 30 minutes a week.Click here to install the Ralston keyboarding program and bookmark the site.
Cursive Practice: Printable cursive worksheets. Scroll down and choose D"Nealian.
Letters we have learned this week: New letters for this week are l and e. Practice connecting letters together to form real and made-up words and sentences.
Letters we have covered:

Monthly Project:
  • October Project: Migration Project due October 26. Use the projects link for details and map download.
  • November Project: Book Project due November 19th. Read an adventure book that is at least 100 pages long. For suggested books click here.
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 Daily Schedule
8:45-9:00 Morning business
9:00-9:45 Specials
9:45-11:05 Math with Mrs. Gallagher
11:05-11:50 Science /Social Studies
11:50-12:35 recess then lunch
12:35-1:55 Reading with Mrs. Atkins
1:55-2:10 Recess
2:10-3:25 Writing with Ms. Wood
3:25-3:30 Clean-up and prepare to go home


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