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 7th Grade 
World Area Studies: 
Eastern Hemisphere

Week of 11/12/18
Veterans Day Celebration Monday 

Mon: WITW is Bursa, Current Events, Iqbal Chapters 3-5, Small Group discussion

Tues: WITW is Shanghai, Iqbal chapters 6-9

Wed: WITW is Kiev, Iqbal Chapters 10-12, Readers Workshop

Thur: WITW is your paragraph, Iqbal Chapters 13-15, Whole Group discussion

Friday: Current Events, Iqbal Wrap Up

Week of 11/5/18

Mon: WITW is Pyongyang, PBL Presentations, PBL's are due today, Quiz tomorrow

Tue: WITW is Pennsylvania, Quiz over Ancient Civilizations - India, Rome, Greece and Egypt

Wed: WITW is Shanghai? PBL Personal and Peer review, Finish Ancient Civilization maps, Start novel Iqbal

Thur: WITW is your paragraph?, Iqbal Chapters 2 and 3.

Fri: Iqbal Chapters 4 and 5

Week of 10/29/18

Mon: WITW is Rome, Current Events Rome 

Tue: WITW is the Kamchatka Peninsula, Rome Poem

Wed: WITW is Vlodivostik, Greece notes

Thur: WITW is your paragraph?, Current Events, PBL - Peer Recomendations

Fri: No School - Teacher Learning

Week of 10/22/18

Mon: WITW is your paragraph?, Ancient Egypt video notes

Tues: WITW is the Gobi Desert?, Finish Ancient Egypt Video notes, Egypt Hyperdoc

Wed: WITW is Huang He?, Current Events, Finish Egypt Hyperdoc, (HW if not completed)

Thur: WITW is the Mediterranean Sea?, Notes on Ancient Rome, Possibly start PBL presentations

Fri: PBL presentations

Week of 10/15/18

Mon:  WITW is your paragraph, India Hyperdoc, No homework

Tues:  WITW  is the Ganges River?  Current Events, Finish Ancient India hyperdoc, What did you learn about Ancient India?, Ancient India Hyperdoc due tomorrow.

Wed:  WITW are the Himalayas?, Ancient Egypt video notes, begin Ancient Egypt Hyperdoc, Ancient India Hyperdoc due today

Thurs:  WITW is the Gobi Desert?, Ancient Egypt hyperdoc, HOMEWORK:  FINISH ANCIENT EGYPT HYPERDOC DUE MONDAY


Week of 10/8/2018

Monday: WITW is New Delhi, Current Events, Introduce and begin Document Based Question on the Silk Road

Tuesday: WITW is the Dead Sea, Finish Silk Road DBQ

Wednesday: WITW is South China Sea, India Hyperdoc
Thursday: No school for students, Parent Teacher Conferences by Appointment 

Friday: No School Fall mini break

Week of 10/1/2018

Monday: WITW is the Sinai Peninsula?, Ancient China Video and Notes

Tuesday: WITW is the Indus River? Current Events, Intro to Ancient India,  Hyperdoc #1, Note Catcher

Wednesday: WITW is the Red Sea? 

Thursday: WITW - paragraph, DBQ on the Silk Road

Friday: Civilization PBL 

Week of 9/24/2018

Monday: WITW Yangtze River, Current Events, Begin China Hyperdoc

Tuesday: WITW Black Sea, Current Events, China Hyperdoc - directed notes

Wednesday: WITW Tehran, Civilization PBL, Open Note Quiz on Friday

Thursday: WITW is your paragraph, Last Day of China Hyperdoc, HW - Organize notes for quiz, Mesopotamia, Hammurabi, and Ancient China

Friday: Wellness Day, Current Events, Open Notes Quiz on Mesopotamia, Hammurabi, and Ancient China

Week of 9/17/2018

Monday: WITW Caspian Sea, Mesopotamia Hyperdoc, Africa Map- Due on Friday

Tuesday: WITW Arabian Sea, Current Events, Begin Hammurabi Document Based Question (DBQ)

Wednesday: WITW Ankara, Hammurabi DBQ day two, Wrap Up

Thursday: WITW Paragraph, Civilization PBL

Friday: No School for Students - Staff Development 

Week of 9/3/2018
Monday:  No School - Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday:  WITW - Persian Gulf, Current Events,
Africa Map, Wrap up

Wednesday: WITW - Lagros Mountains, Finish notes: What is a civilization, Africa Map, Wrap up

Thursday:  WITW - Mecca, Current Events, Video Notes: The Story of Us, Africa Map, Wrap up

Friday: WITW - Paragraph, Introduce Unit 1 PBL (Day 1 overview, form teams, decide on name and place of civilization)  Africa Map, Wrap up

PBL Student Directions:

PBL Starter Slides:

Google My Maps - "How to":

8th Grade 
19th Century U.S. History

Week of 11/12/18
Veterans Day Celebration Monday 

Mon: Warm Up, Current Events, Prepare for Debate on Indian Removal, Debate Indian Removal

Tue: Warm Up, Finish Debate regarding Indian Removal

Wed: Warm Up, Texas Mexican War

Thur: Warm Up, Lone Star State

Fri: Warm Up, "Thar's Gold in them thar Hills!"

Week of 11/5/18

Mon: Warm Up, Grade Goals for class, Finish Notes on Indian Removal, Part two of Land Acquisition Map

Tue: Warm Up, Current Events, Finish Land Acquisition Map

Wed: Warm Up, Current Events, Activity on Indian Removal

Thur: Warm Up, Finish Activity on Indian Removal, begin lessons on Texas and Mexican War

Fri: Warm Up, Texas Independence, and statehood

Week of 10/29/18

Mon: Warm Up, Current Events, Begin Mountain Man Crest Activity

Tue: Warm Up, Mountain Man Crest Activity

Wed: Warm Up, Finish Mountain Man Crest, Begin notes on Andrew Jackson, Mountain Man Crests due today

Thur: Warm Up, Finish Notes on Andrew Jackson, Start Notes on Indian Removal

Fri: No School - Teacher Learning

Week of 10/22/18

Mon: Warm Up, Current Events, Timeline

Tues: Warm Up, Current Events, Mountain Men Study

Wed:  Warm Up, Pull notes, Quiz, Goal Setting

Thur: Warm Up, Timeline work, Mountain Crest Activity
Fri:  Warm Up, Mountain Man Station Rotation 

Week of 10/15/2018

Mon: Warm Up, Finish video notes on Lewis and Clark, Introduce other Explorers, Note catcher on Colter, Pike and others

Tues: Warm Up, Current Events, Finish notes on Explorers, Exit Ticket

Wed: Warm Up, Comic Strip or Journal entries for a lesson on the explorers.

Thur:  Warm Up, Primary and Secondary source documents on Lewis and Clark expedition

Fri:  Warm Up, Finish Primary/Secondary source documents on Lewis and Clark, Start Timeline expectations.

Week of 10/8/2018

Monday: No Warm Up, Finish Westward Expansion Map, Start notes from pages 314 - 319 - Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark

Tuesday: Warm Up, Finish notes on Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark

Wednesday: Warm Up,

Thursday: No school for students, Parent Teacher Conferences by Appointment

Friday: No School Fall mini break

Week of 10/1/2018

Monday: Warm Up, Federalism and the Levels of Government

Tuesday: No Warm Up, Unit One Final test and study guide test

Wednesday: Warm Up, Time Life History - Westward - Video notes 

Thursday: Warm Up, Current Events, Finish video notes 

Friday: Warm Up, Westward Expansion Map

Week of 9/24/2018

Monday: Warm Up, Current Events, Finish Note Catcher on Preamble of Constitution and Bill of Rights

Tuesday: Warm Up, Hyperdoc on Bill of Rights

Wednesday: Warm Up, Checks and Balances, Begin Station Rotation on Constitution

Thursday: Warm Up, Constitution Station Rotation,

Friday: Wellness Day, Warm Up, Study of Political Cartoon

Week of 9/17/2018

Monday: Warm Up, Unit One Terms, Great Compromise Video, Teacher Kahoot, Student Kahoot, Tomorrow - Quiz 

Tuesday: Unit One Terms - Branches of Government, Unit One Quiz - Open Note, Wrap Up

Wednesday: Warm Up, Discover the Constitution, Introduce the Bill of Rights, Wrap Up

Thursday:  Warm Up, Current Events, Bill of Rights

Friday: No School for Students - Staff Development 
Week of 9/3/2018
Monday:  No School - Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday: Warm Up, Current Events- Supreme Court Selection, Read/Notes on Why the American Colonies wanted to declare independence from Great Britain, Wrap up

Wednesday: Warm Up, Finish Notes, Groups act out Acts against the Colonies, write their own version of Declaration of Independence - share out, Compare to Actual, wrap up

Thursday: Warm Up, Current Events, Student Choice: Break down the Declaration or Explain the four parts of the Declaration of Independence, Wrap Up

Friday: Warm Up, Prediction:  King George's written reply to the colonists desire for independence