Welcome to Mr. Spencer's History Class

Please visit this website often (daily is probably best) in order to stay on top of everything that is going on
in class. You can usually print out any assignment that was given in class by going to the "Classroom Documents" section so that if you did miss an assignment due to an absence, you can stay on top of your work.  Also, you can check the calendar to find out when an assignment or project is due or when a quiz or test is coming up.  I hope you find this website useful and use it to help you be very successful in my class. 


***For the powerpoint lesson that you will use to take notes:

Click here to open up the "Stations" powerpoint lesson for September 20/21


To play "For Crown or Colony" you must register first on their website.  Fill out the info page and pick a password that you will remember all year.  Perhaps use the password that you use to login to the Chromebooks so you don't for get it.  To play, click here: 

Friday, September 22:  Students should have turned in their Google hyperdoc assignment today (SRMS Bill of Rights or 8 Panel Comic Strip).  If you didn't turn it in, just understand that there are penalty points taken off for late turn-ins.  Also today, students were give the Unit One Study Guide to begin filling out before the Unit One final test next Friday.   If you were absent and need to print out the study guide, click here . The study guide must be 100 percent filled out in good detail to be eligible for any test corrections.  It will be collected next Friday for a completion grade right before students take the Unit one final test.  Today students used part of the period to complete the powerpoint assignment from the block period this week.  

Wednesday and Thursday, September 20 and 21 (block days):  Students today did a self directed assignment that was on a powerpoint.  Students need to complete this fully as some of the information in this assignment will be on our unit final test that will be Friday, September 29.  If you were absent for this lesson  click here to gain access to the powerpoint and you will need to print out the notes sheets (which you will find in the powerpoint presentation) to complete or come see Mr. Spencer to give you a copy.  Also, remember that your  comic strips or "SRMS Bill of Rights" assignment will be due this coming Friday, September 22.

Tuesday, September 19:  Students took notes today about the branches and levels of government.  That notes sheet and the powerpoint presentation used to fill out the notes are both available on the "Classroom Documents" tab to the upper left on this page.  Also, students were reminded that their Bill of Rights project (Comic strip or SRMS Bill of Rights page) is due this Friday, September 22!

Monday, September 18:  Students took a short open notes quiz today in class. Remember that there are no quiz corrections on an open note quiz!  Students should be finished and should turn in their PEAL paragraph that we worked on last week.  It is due into Google Classroom by midnight tonight!  Students should be working on their Google Hyperdoc assignment that is also in Google Classroom.  The 8 panel comic strip or the Summit Ridge Bill of Rights is due this coming Friday.  

Friday, September 15:  Wellness Day.....no classes.   Remember that your PEAL paragraph on Google Classroom is due on Monday.  Also, the Google Hyperdoc comic strip or  Bill of Rights assignment is due next Friday, September 22.

Wednesday and Thursday, September 13 and 14 (block days):  Students started working on a Bill of Rights "Hyperdoc" assignment today in class.  This assignment has notes, some questions to respond to and a final short project.  This assignment is due next Friday, September 22nd.  Students need to make sure they take the notes from this hyperdoc assignment as we will be having a short quiz on Monday and it is an open notes quiz.  Remember that on open note quizzes there are no corrections or re-takes!  If you were absent, you can go to the Bill of Rights hyperdoc assignment by logging into your Google Classroom account and finish it there.  Also, for those who didn't finish the PEAL paragraph on "Should the Constitution be Approved" it is due on Monday, September 18!

Tuesday, September 12:  Students should use their assignment sheet that was completed in class yesterday to write up the PEAL paragraph assignment on Google Classroom called "Should the Constitution be Approved."  That paragraph needs to be typed, color coded, and submitted by next Monday.....also you need to turn in the blue assignment sheet as well by Monday!

Monday, September 11:  Students completed the DBQ assignment sheet that we started on Friday in class.  This will be turned in tomorrow after students write their PEAL paragraph using the information they gathered on this assignment sheet.

Friday, September 8:  Students read from a packet of primary sources regarding views of Federalists and Anti-Federalists regarding the new Constitution and arguments for and against its passage.  Students completed an assignment as they read.  We will finish this assignment on Monday. You can find a copy of the assignment by clicking here:  DBQ assignment: Should the Constitution be Approved?

Wednesday and Thursday, September 6 and 7 (block days):  Students took notes titled "The Road to the Constitution" which inform them how the Constitution came to be.    If you were absent, the powerpoint and the notes sheet is on the tab to the left called "Classroom Documents."  On your notes sheet, you should highlight all of the words in color on the powerpoint presentation.

Tuesday, September 5:  Students should have completed and submitted their "Declare Your Independence" assignment on Google Classroom today.  If you didn't finish it in class, it is due tonight by midnight.  Access Google Classroom, finish it and submit.  Tomorrow, hand in your rubric that was given to you on Friday last week.  If you haven't signed into the assignment, the codes are listed below under the Friday, September 1 entry.  

Monday, September 4:  No school-Labor Day

Friday, September 1:  Students did an activity called the Declaration sort where they sorted short paraphrased excerpts of the Declaration of Independence into the four categories that are the major parts of the Declaration.  Also, the students began a writing assignment called "Declare Your Independence" where they declare their independence from something in their lives!  It is a fun assignment that tries to mimic the parts of the real Declaration of Independence.  If you were absent you must join the proper class in Google Classroom in order to complete this assignment.  Join the Google class of the period that you have class with Mr. Spencer.  Here are the codes for each period....MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THE RIGHT CLASS!!!!! This assignment is due next Tuesday at midnight!  (You will have class time to work on it Tuesday)....
Period 1...... xhm0e29 (that's a zero)
Period 2...... 3o35qob  (those are ohs)
Period 4...... h4ed0gt   (that's a zero)
Period 5...... df2akg
Period 6...... km9godg (that's an oh)

Wednesday, August 30 and Thursday, August 31 (block days):  Students took notes on a reading about the Declaration of Independence and turned them in.  Then students took notes from our textbook and kept them in their notebooks.  If time permitted, a Declaration of Independence sorting game was played.  If you missed today, you will need to come after school to make up the notes.

Tuesday, August 29:  Students finished the "Why do we need government notes" in class.  The powerpoint is under "Classroom Documents" tab.  Also, we began to study the Declaration of Independence to learn its importance and why it is a model for the world.  

Monday, August 28:  Periods 2, 4, and 6 had the "Code of Conduct" talks today with Ms. Fowler.   All periods did an in-class activity on why we need government and started completing a notes sheet.  We will finish those notes tomorrow.  Get the notes sheet by checking the "Classroom Documents" tab on the left....

Friday, August 25:  Students from periods 1 and 5 took the primary and secondary sources quiz today.....Students from periods 2, 4, and 6 started an in-class activity about why we need government in our lives.  Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, August 24:  Students learned more about the differences between primary and secondary sources of information by taking notes and identifying each type of source. Students in periods 2, 4, and 6 took a short quiz about primary and secondary sources.  Periods 1 and 5 will take that quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 23:  Students learned more about the differences between primary and secondary sources of information by taking notes and identifying each type of source.  Also, Ms. Fowler spoke to students today about expectations from the Summit Ridge Code of Conduct.  

Tuesday, August 22:  Today students should have set up their notebooks.  We also went over my website and how to find assignments if you were absent so that students can stay caught up.  Also, students started learning about the differences between primary and secondary sources of information.  There will be a brief quiz on examples of primary and secondary sources on the students' next block day on Wednesday or Thursday.

Monday, August 21:  Happy Eclipse Day!  Today in class, students should have turned in their "History of You" assignment that was passed out last Friday.  Also, students should have completed in class their Unit One Pre-Assessment writing assignment.  If you didn't finish this at home, you will need to go back into Google Classroom and access your document, finish it, and submit it.  If you were absent, you can do this assignment at home by going to Google Classroom, joining a new class with this code: arsqs5n    Please finish this assignment by the end of the week!

Friday, August 18:  First day back!  Welcome to American History!  Today students were introduced to the class and several topics were discussed.  Students were given an assignment called "The History of You" that they completed in class and turned in....if you were absent or didn't finish this, you need to complete it and turn it in on Monday.  You can print out a copy of the assignment by looking for it under the "Classroom Documents" tab on the left.