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Welcome to 7 Blue Lang Arts!  
Welcome to my website!  I hope you can find the information you're looking for- let me know if there are any problems!   
The 2018-19 school year is about to begin, and I am looking forward to my 23rd year of teaching.  Which is odd, because based on my age, I must have started teaching when I was nine years old!  

I am looking forward to Thursday, the day students return to school- the end of meetings, and a reminder of why I love teaching!  For both kids and parents, my one message as school returns is this: relax and breathe.  Things will seem frightening, and then overwhelming, but within a few days, you will realize you can do this, and within a few weeks, you will realize how much you're going to like Summit Ridge.  Trust yourself!  By the end of the year, Summit Ridge will have become a community that you really 

First Day of School Homework
Please take a few minutes to look over my web page and complete the following form:

I love hearing from parents and students!  The best way to reach me with any questions, comments, or concerns, is email.  I check it several times a day and respond quickly.  I also have voicemail, but the response time is a bit more clunky.  Most years, I received less than ten voice mails from parents, so I check it less and less.  
Email:  jscott@jeffco.k12.co.us
Voicemail:  303-982-9003
LINK TO SUMMIT RIDGE HOME PAGE: http://summitridge.jeffcopublicschools.org/

There are several documents on my docs page that parents should look over.  This includes a "common questions" syllabus, permission slip for books and movies, and list of 'big picture' goals for the year.  

                                                           Current Curriculum
August 17
Returning to school, there will be a couple of days of introductions, activities, and going over systems that students will need to understand.  Students will need to walk parents through a syllabus, and a reading permission slip, and sign off on a google form.  This can be found by scrolling up about four inches toward the top of this page.  That is the first homework assignment, due on Monday, Aug 20.  

Our first unit will be a short story unit.  This will include literary terms such as setting, plot (including exposition, rising action, climax, falling action), conflict (person vs person, nature, self), characterization (protagonist, antagonist), narrative voice, (first person, third person limited, third person omniscient), and theme.  Students will also be learning about the theme thread, a year long writing piece which uses writing to increase higher level thinking in reading.  Also, kids will do their first fish bowls, which is a modified Socratic discussion to better understand higher level concepts.  

Students will take MAP tests on Sept 6-7, as per district and state requirements.  

                                                            Film Club Schedule
Announcements for film club will be in the next few weeks.  Students do need a permission slip and $1 to join (for snacks), and we watch movies that kids have probably not seen before.  Look for a schedule on the documents page.  


Students will be expected to read two hours per week at home, which averages out to 20 minutes per day.  Students can juggle this however it best fits their schedule- work around soccer practice and other classes and family time, but at the end of each week, students are responsible for 2 hours of reading. Most of the homework for 7th grade English Language Arts will be this reading.  There will be the occasional writing assignment or the "finish at home if you don't finish in class" work, but the big part is outside reading.  
Most of the time, students will be given novels to read at home.  They will need to finish the books by a certain due date, so it is possible kids will need to read more than the two hours per week to complete an assignment.  If students finish books early, they are still responsible to read two hours per week.  Options include asking me for additional books, finding their own books, or reading magazines, newspapers, or online materials.

When students are reading class novels that I've handed out, they don't need to do additional work beyond reading the book by a certain date.  There will be an assessment for the book at the end of the allotted time.  Other times, students will be able to choose their own books, but during that time, they will be expected to write summaries each time they read.  This will be explained in class, and there will be an optional worksheet for this on my documents page.  
    Honors Option
At the beginning of the second trimester, some students will be invited to join the honors option class.  This group will meet during access time, and students will still be part of the traditional lang arts classes.  Ability, curiosity, motivation, and attitude will all count toward being invited to this group. Twenty students have been invited and accepted into honors for trimester two.  Invitations were based on MAP scores and current grades in LA.  For trimester two, the group is pretty much set, but there will likely be some changes heading into trimester three.  I have discussed this with classes, and students are aware of the potential for being added (or dropped) from the honors option.  
Extra Help
All students are invited and encouraged to attend extra help students after school every Tuesday and Thursday.  This is a chance for students to get one on one help with problems, work independently with support, or even check grades and make up work.  Except for the occasional club or meeting, all four core teachers will be here to help students until 3:25 on those days.  Students who have transportation problems should consider buying an activity bus pass, which runs to our feeder elementary schools at 3:30.


Please contact me via email if you have questions or comments!