Contact Information

Mr. Lee


Voice Mail: 303-982-1266

Late Work

Late Work Policy 

  The Math Department feels it is important to increase the student accountability of completing assignments on time.  During the year, students will have different types of assignments, each with a different amount of time to complete.  Homework assignments will be due the next day as it is important for students to be able to self-assess their mastery.  Homework assignments will only be work 1-point, therefore it will not make or break a students overall grade as long as they can show mastery on quizzes and tests. Homework will not be marked missing for students absent the day of or the day after an assignment is given, but they will be held accountable for the content on the next quiz or test.  

Syllabus and Cell Phone Policy

Click to see Syllabus for classroom policies and procedures(Math 7)

Cell phones will be required to be checked in or kept out of sight.  If calculators are needed, they will be provided to students.  Improper use of cell phones will follow school rules found in the student planner.


Class Framework

General class structure will follow the instructional framework embedded throughout all KCMS classes.  Class will start with a quick warm up, followed by a quick homework check.  A short mini-lesson will be given on a mathematical concept, then students will be given the opportunity to practice the covered concept.  


Completion of homework is an important step in the mastery of math concepts. In most cases, homework will be checked for completion the day after it is assigned.  Students will always have a chance to self-assess themselves(check their answers) and ask clarifying questions.  Each homework assignment will be worth 1 point and scores will be input into Parent Portal after every 5 assignments.  To determine nightly homework assignments, please check the Math 7 calendar.  

Math Lab

Math Lab Tuesday 2:30-3:15pm

The intention of Math lab is not to reteach full concepts covered in class, but to help clarify misconceptions that students may encounter.