Hammurabi's Code

Hammurabi was an ancient Babylonian king. He did something that no one had ever done before. The Sumerians had created the first written cuneiform. Using this written language, Hammurabi created the first written set of laws.  Don't confuse the "law code" with the invention of law.  Many of the laws in Hammurabi's Code already existed, but by having scribes write these laws down in one collection, Hammurabi hoped to create a more just society and one where people felt protected.

In Hammurabi's court, it did not matter if you were rich or poor. If you broke the law, and were found guilty, you would be punished. Since the laws were clearly written down, everyone was expected to obey them. We still follow this system today. It wasn't any easy system to understand, as there are 282 different laws! 

Click the link below to see some translations of Hammurabi's Code:

Using the link below, read through the different Law Codes of Hammurabi.  Find a law that you think has a use today. Briefly describe the law, and explain two ways it could be used today.  Your writing should be no more than six to eight sentences long!