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Helpful tips from last years students about the APUSH class

"Consistently study throughout the year as we learn topics, so that those topics would have been more likely to be retained to memory than they were."

"Not leave my weekly work to the day before, take time each day to do some of it."

"Keep tract of the time periods and the time line in which the events occurred. I wish I had the advise of keeping tract of the time because even though you don't need to necessarily memorize exact dates, knowing the time period would definitely help."

"Please, for the love of all, do your chapter notes throughout the week that they are assigned and actually read the chapters that are due every Friday. This is a class where your success is 90% up to you and if you don't put the effort in, then you will get nothing out of it. Mr. Gallup is very good at what he does and if you listen and pay attention, as well as do your homework, the AP will be a breeze."

"To take your time on the assignments, don't just try to rush through the readings to get them done really pay attention to the content."

"Something I would say to new APUSH students is that waiting until the last 2 days to do textbook assignments is not very wise."

SPREAD YOUR CHAPTER ASSIGNMENTS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK! It may seem like a lot, but if you do a little each night it's much better. But if you procrastinate it to the day it's due, you're gonna hate yourself

" USE THE DBQ PLUG AND PLAY, it’s boring but it is extremely effective"