The Barn

Due to the fact that a growing number of students are cheating in my APUSH classes all chapter notes, and 10 Days book project work MUST be hand written, I will no longer accept any typed work for any assignment other than your period reviews.

Chapter 19 Exam is posted in the homework section, no more make up tests will be allowed with this form.  You may begin exam corrections after I hand out your scantron, you will have until Friday February 8,2019.

Do not forget the second part of the book project for each chapter, you must analyze in addition to answering the questions. 

  Summary of the Thesis and creative reflection in portfolio:

Identify the thesis of your book/chapter. This is the book/chapter’s most important element. It is NOT the same thing as the subject matter. It is instead the author’s interpretation / explanation / argument of the subject matter.

New chapter notes requirements for spring semester. 

See instructions  for chapter 18 in Homework section. Each chapter may be slightly different than previous chapters, read the instructions carefully. An example of the type of writing for this semester is located  in the Useful links section.  

If you wish to be successful in this class I strongly suggest you use this format when completing the required book work.