~Welcome class of 2024!


Text Remind

If you would like to be added to my text remind service, please send a message to number 81010 and send the message @a7k27 .  E-mail me with questions.

Late Work Policy

Turning in work after the day it is due is strongly discouraged however, it will be accepted up to a week after its due date.

·         The day that an assignment is late it will automatically lose 20% of its value after it has been graded for a maximum score of 80%.

·         After that, a student will have the rest of the week to turn in this assignment but its score will be reduced by 40% after being graded for a maximum score of 60%.

·         No work will be accepted more than one week after its initial due date unless a student comes into open lab or schedules a different time with me outside of their regular school day.  Assignments completed in this fashion will be able to receive 50% credit at best.

Teacher Info

Teacher Name:  Sam Auerbach    

Team:  Collegiate Peaks

Subject:  Science


Voicemail:  #24616

Checking Grades

My grading policy will be to update grades on Infinite Campus at least once a week.  I would recommend setting a time to check once a week.

Work that is turned in on time, will be included in these updated grades.

Work that comes in late (for any reason) will be graded and entered late. 

Remember that if an assignment is turned in more than two classes after the due date, students will have to come into Science Lab on Thursdays after school to be able to receive half credit.

Please e-mail if you have questions on specific assignments.

Assignment Calendar