Sim Sala Bim!
Open a Book 
to the Magic Within...

 The 2014-2015 Magical Reading Challenge is Nov. 1, 2014 – Jan 9, 2015.  We are going to decorate the school with magical circles to show what active readers our kids are!  The goal this year is to have the whole school, Primary through Upper Elementary and Home School, read at least 5,000 books. 

All reading counts!  In school.  Out of school.  Reading on their own.  Being read to.  We want all students to participate!

Each teacher will be provided a stack of magic circles for the student to write the name of the book she/he finished.  The circles will be taped on the walls outside the classrooms.   When they run out of circles, more can be found in the library.

The circles will be counted once a week and a display in the entryway/atrium will be updated. 

Over the holidays, if you wish to keep track of books read over weekends or holiday breaks, please feel free to print off this tracking sheet.

Our hope is achieving 5,000 magic dots covering the walls of MPA by the end of the challenge.  If they do, something MAGICAL will happen...

 If you have questions, please contact parent coordinator, Andrea Love, (720) 341-8175, andrea@s-church.net.