Mortensen Physical Education

We encourage all students and parents at Mortensen to be active for 60 minutes every day.  Keeping your body healthy prepares students for success in the classroom and encourages good health for life.
We will do a variety of gross and fine motor skills, team and individual sports, and team building activities that will make everyone successful in our class.

Remember to wear sneakers and appropriate clothes on your PE weeks!!

Days For The Calendar

Turkey Trot         Nov 17 at 2:15
Mini Marathon     April 12 during specials
Rad Run 7          October 26 at 4:00 (3-5 graders only)
Rad Run 8           April 26 at 4:00 (k-2 graders only)
Walk or Bike to school on October 4
Field Day            September 14 (3-5)
                            September 22 (K-2)

Carrie Erickson                                                Amanda Deich                      
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