Lunch Loan Policy

Food and Nutrition Services is an enterprise fund within Jeffco Public Schools.
Directed by the Jeffco Board of Education, Food Services must maintain a responsible
financial approach in its operation to remain self-supporting. Extending lunch loans to
the 85,000 students within the district can unduly burden the program jeopardizing its
ability to serve all district students. The Food and Nutrition Services Department has
therefore adopted the following policy related to Lunch and / or Breakfast meal loans,
provided by Food and Nutrition Services.

Students at the Elementary level may may charge meals up to a total dollar amount of
$7.50, which includes Breakfast and Lunch. The $7.50 loan limit applies regardless of student
eligibility status.

These Lunch Loans are to be repaid immediately by the student or the students parents.
Food Services will not be able to extend further credit to any student beyond the $7.50 loan.
Parents will be advised of the student loans via notice sent home with the child, from Food
Services. Once loans have been repaid in full to the School Cafeteria Manager the student
will again be eligible for a lunch loan if needed, keeping in mind the $7.50 loan limit.

To assure that no student goes through the day without food, any student who has reached
the $7.50 loan limit will be provided with cheese and crackers at no charge.

School administrators may choose to offer additional meal loans beyond the $7.50 allowed by
Food Services. Please check with your child's school for details.
  • NO CASH LOANS or CREDIT to students at the secondary level. (Middle or High School) by
  • Food Services.
  • NO CASH LOANS or CREDIT to Adults at any time by Food Services.
  • NO CASH LOANS or CREDIT for Ala Carte items (this includes milk).