Meet the Board Members!
Shiloh Sword-Dougherty, President

Shiloh Sword Dougherty
Shiloh Sword is a parent of two sons, who both attend Montessori Peaks Academy and are in the third and fourth grade.  Shiloh is in the Human Resources department at a local Rural Electric Co-op.  She has a background in effectively working with board proceedings and the operation of them.  She is experienced in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Management.

Shiloh brings to the MPA board knowledge of creating annual budgets, allocating limited resources to achieve the most advantageous outcome, the ability to understand and help solve complex issues, and in corporate contracts and legal documentation.

 She has been on the Montessori Peaks Academy Board for five years.  In those five years, she has fulfilled the duties of Vice-President for 2 years and President for two years; she is currently the President of the MPA board.
As Natives to Colorado, Shiloh, her husband, Ryan, and their two boys enjoy the great outdoors.  They spend a lot of time camping, fishing, swimming, snowboarding, enjoying their family cabin and playing with their two dogs.

As a true believer to the word TEAM, Shiloh joined the MPA Board to be a part of individuals that all have a common goal: to continue to make MPA a special and unique environment for all of our children to enjoy, thrive, grow, and develop into great individuals.



Kevin Bost, Vice President

Kevin is a parent of three children who have all attended Montessori Peaks Academy, with one still here in second grade. Kevin works in Law Enforcement and has visited classrooms on multiple occasions to talk about community and child safety. It is something that he enjoys doing every year. Kevin is also a member of the Colorado Army National Guard and is a football and basketball coach during his spare time. He is a native of Colorado and loves spending time outdoors with his wife, Karena, and their kids. 

Kevin believes that the Mission Statement of MPA is a driving force as to why it is important to be on the Board of Directors, as “It is the mission of Montessori Peaks Academy to achieve high standards of individual excellence by guiding the whole student through an exceptional learning experience based on the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori,” as we are folded an opportunity as members to uphold the Mission Statement and see that our students are set up for success, that our faculty is set up for success, that parents are set up for success and that visitors from the outside are looking in desired to be a part of something that is changing lives.

While on the Board of Directors, Kevin hopes to work together with the other Board Members to continue to drive Montessori Peaks Academy into the future through innovative affordable technology, education, and continuing to build the foundation that makes Montessori Peaks Academy a desired learning experience from those within and those from outside.  He desires helping to ensure that the students and staff feel supported in the daily work that they do as they lead us into the future.


Shana Holden, Secretary

Shana has three boys at MPA currently in first, fourth and fifth grades. Her commitment to MPA led her to become a board member.  As a teacher herself, Shana recognizes that in order for a school to thrive, it needs support from the community and participation by the families.  As MPA has been such a good fit for her family, she is dedicated to help it continue to succeed. 

Shana’s background and experience allow her to consider multiple perspectives and create workable action plans that are driven by data, while remaining focused on the most important stakeholders, the children.   

During her term on the Board, Shana would like to ensure that MPA continues to be a school that addresses and supports the individual needs of students and staff members.  In addition, she would like MPA to remain a leader among schools in preparing students for all aspects of life.  

Shana and her family love the outdoors.  They hike, attend music festivals and camp.  Shana also spends a lot of time running, playing Frisbee with her dog, and kayaking.


Melanie Escobedo, Community Representative and Treasurer

Melanie has had both of her children complete their elementary school years at MPA. Her youngest moved up to middle school from sixth grade last year, and her son, who also attended here, is now in high school.

Melanie and her husband own a design firm.  She is an Interior Designer, with twenty-five years of experience, focusing primarily on residential with some commercial projects.  Her hobbies are cooking, reading fiction, yoga, and skiing with the family.

Melanie’s husband, Rick, served on the BOD for three years and after his resignation, she wanted to offer my services to the board.  She feels that the school has been a blessing to her family and feels honored to be able to volunteer in this way.

As a business owner, Melanie brings many qualities and attributes to the Board.  In her business, she is accustomed to working with diverse groups of people with a common goal.  She has been very successful in mediating any conflicts or issues that arise with mutual satisfaction.  Also, familiarity with budgets and expenses, construction and design are valuable in some of the dealings that the board must oversee.  Her children have been polar opposites in their academic needs, which has given her insight to the broad spectrum of what the school can offer.  Melanie says she believes in giving back, and this is a cause near and dear to her heart.

While serving on the board, her goal is to be a worthwhile contributor to the benefit of the school in whatever way possible.


Todd Lederman, Staff Representative 

Todd Lederman

Todd Lederman, an upper elementary teacher at Montessori Peaks Academy for 14 years, began serving on the Board of Directors in May of 2017. Before joining the staff, he taught at Denison Montessori in Denver Public Schools. He received certification to teach lower elementary and upper elementary from the American Montessori Society after attending classes at Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado. Mr. Lederman also has teacher’s licensure from the Colorado State Department of Education with specific qualifications to teach at the elementary level as well as secondary mathematics. He also earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the Colorado Christian University.

Besides teaching, Mr. Lederman has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri, has worked as a reporter and freelance writer, and continues to write political essays as well as children’s stories and one children’s novel, Notch Ear’s Sacrifice. His latest book-length endeavor, Speaker for the Powerless: Conversations We’d Have if Our Leaders Could Hear Us, is nonfiction aimed at an adult audience.


Christina Grant, Director

Christina currently has a four year old enrolled at MPA with a two year old eagerly waiting to begin at MPA.  Her strong belief in education and the importance of parental engagement led her to become a member of the MPA Board.  Christina believes the Board plays a critical role in the success of the school, and this participation gives her an opportunity to support the school community, staff and students.     

Christina is an agile coach, supporting software development teams and businesses that are transitioning into an agile framework for getting work done.  This professional background gives her an appreciation for and a dedication to collaborative, transparent communication.  She aims for common sense solutions, moving forward with an eye towards continuous improvement that builds and enriches the school's culture and community, and gives the children a chance to make the world a better place.

Christina’s strong belief in education also extends to she, herself.  She is currently enrolled in a doctoral program for Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change.  Aside from all of these activities, Christina stays on the go, playing roller hockey and studying Kenpo Jujutsu.  She also enjoys spending time in nature, whether it’s gardening in the backyard, or out hiking and camping.  Christina is a local La Leche League leader, as well. 

Although she feels relatively new to the MPA community, while on the Board, her core goals will focus on gaining a better understanding of the school's infrastructure, supporting teachers, and improving community engagement.


Brittney Horstman, Director

Brittney Horstman is a parent of two boys who attend Montessori Peaks Academy in the primary and lower elementary levels.  She is also a litigation attorney with a background in and continued commitment to public interest work, both in the public and private sector, and to effective dispute resolution. 

Brittney’s service on the Board brings experience in team building among diverse groups, working with various agencies with limited resources to achieve positive results on an individual and group basis and ensuring transparency and ethical compliance by those who hold positions of public trust. Her goals during her term on the Board include both increasing transparency in the governance of the school and community engagement so that all types of families can help MPA grow. She hopes to see MPA expand its dedication to the Montessori philosophy and experiential learning. She believes that the students at MPA will thrive when the school and the community work together to develop these goals. Brittney wholeheartedly believes that a Montessori education can open and fill both the hearts and minds of our children with the tools they will need to be happy and successful in their future endeavors as great contributors to our world.

Brittney lives with her husband, two children and her father. She is an avid reader. She loves attending Zumba classes, skiing with her children, and having get-togethers with friends to enjoy good music and good food. She is always open to hearing new ideas and insights from community members on how to improve the students’ experiences at MPA. 

Kasandra Carleton, Director

Kasandra has two children.  Her oldest is an MPA alum, now attending middle school, and her daughter is currently a third grader at MPA.  As a lawyer, Kasandra brings to the Board her analytical skills, helping work through and understand a multitude of school board rules and regulations, as well as attention to detail.  She enjoys all that Colorado offers- skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. 

Kasandra appreciates the tremendous opportunity MPA offers to her children.  While on the Board, she wants to assure its continued strength for years to come.  In addition, she wants to help parents understand the unique opportunity they have to play a part in guiding the direction of MPA. 

Susie Dartt, Director

Susie has three children in various stages of MPA enrollment:  one graduate (twelve years old), one enrolled (eleven years old) and one future MPA student (four years old).  She joined the Board, as she felt it was important to give back to the community that has given so much to her children.  As the daughter of school teachers, education holds a dear place in her heart.  She knows how important an involved Board is to the success and culture of the school. 

Susie is a CPA with over seven years of experience auditing local government, including counties, special districts, cities, non-profits and charter schools.  This experience gives her a unique perspective and knowledge of Colorado laws, grant requirements and governmental financial reporting.

During her tenure on the Board, Susie would like to continue the excellence established by other MPA Boards and assist in financial evaluation of the school to help with current and future goals.

Susie also volunteers with the Westernaires.  She loves spending time with her three kids and husband.