Monarch butterflies used to have a very high population and survival rate but it is slowly decreasing due to both natural and human impacts. The Monarch is a butterfly that is very distinguishable because of its bright colors. These colors consist of orange, black, and white. The black acts as an outline along the wings while the orange is the main color. The white comes from white dots on the wings. 

HOW TO TELL IF IT'S A MALE OR FEMALE: This can be hard to tell as the only differences are, Males have two extra black spots on their wings, and the webbing on the female hind wings is thicker than a males.

This monarch is of a male butterfly and shows the different parts of the monarch.
Image result for male monarch butterfly compared to a female

Monarch do not have lungs. They get oxygen through small vents/holes in their thorax and abdomen. The oxygen is then sent through small tubes called trachea throughout the body.