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Updates from Mrs. Ball





 Our Class Schedule



First Bell


Morning Meeting:  Lunch count, attendance, calendar, pledge,

classroom helpers, and morning meeting.


Rotation 1 Homerooms:

Mrs. Ball~ Math


Rotation 2

Mrs. Legault~ Reading 



Recess then Lunch



Social Studies / Science




Ball: Day 1 = Music, Day 2 = PE, Day 3 = Art


Rotation 3

Mrs. Jess~ Writing 


Clean up for Dismissal/ Read Aloud.


Classroom Volunteers

Please return the volunteer form if you are interested in helping this year.  I will contact those who are interested after we have the first few weeks of school under our belt.  


Reading: Read nightly to develop a love for reading.  Read to your child, listen to him/her read, and provide a chance to just have some time alone with a good book! DON'T FORGET TO ASK YOUR CHILD ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE STORY! :)

*Homework will be an extension of what is learned in class, and will be communicated by the teacher assigning it.  The homework assignments will be meaningful, purposeful, and aligned to classwork.  We believe homework should be flexible in order to respond to the needs of the students.  Therefore, you will not see the exact same assignments on a weekly basis.  Some homework will be sent via email and our classroom website so please be sure to check both frequently.