Limbs International Video

Alameda International is teaming up with the area elementary schools to support the nonprofit organization Limbs International. Limbs International works to provide prosthetic legs to people in developing nations who have lost legs and do not have access to the healthcare needed to acquire prosthetic legs. For $300 Limbs provides a prosthetic leg to someone in need and our current goal is to raise $1500 for 5 prosthetic legs while each elementary school raises $300. In order to achieve our goal we are asking student to participate in Hat/Crazy Hair Day on Friday, November 13th. For $1 students will be able to wear a hat or come to school in their most outrageous hairstyle. Additionally, we are asking students to donate spare change in designated collection jars in their classrooms. If we all work together, we will achieve our goal. 

Please click the link below to find out more information about Limbs International and read stories of those who have gained access to new legs through Limbs. 

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