Welcome to the Strategic Reading Page
Contact Information:
Mrs. Lindsey:  alindsey@jeffcoschools.us  303.982.7980
Mr. Stevinson:  sstevins@jeffcoschools.us   303.982.9695

Note and Notice Resources

Click the link below to access Strategic Reading Google Classroom

Strategic Reading is designed to help you attain success with organization and reading skills.  Throughout your time in SR, you will be expected to develop and consistently use organizational skills for your academic and personal success.  In addition, you will develop strong reading skills to ensure you are prepared for High School and beyond.

Grading - Grading in SR is comprised of the following:
  1. Weekly Reading Check-Ins on Google Classroom
  2. Weekly Organization Checks and Goal Setting - Worth 10 points
  3. Reading Comprehension 
  • M - Missing, this means an assignment was not handed in and no credit was earned.
    Late Work - If an assignment is not completed on time:
  1. Turn in work up to 2 days late for a partial grade of 80% of total score.
  2. Any work not turned in by the late work deadline will be recorded as Missing in the grade book and the score will be calculated as a 0 until turned in.
  3. If a student turns in work 3 or more days past the deadline the maximum score will be 50%.