Fourth Grade

Meet Ms. Adams
                                Hello!  My name is Ms. Adams, and this will be my second year teaching    fourth grade at Peiffer. I am orig
inally from Denver, Iowa. A few fun things about me...I love to travel (this photo was taken in Canada), read, run marathons, and spend time with my fiance and two pups. I will soon become Mrs. Schloemer when I get married this fall.

Ms. Adams's Email:
Ms. Adams's  Voicemail:  303-982-4794

Meet Mr. Strott
Hello!  My name is Mr. Strott and this will be my 3rd year teaching 4th grade at Peiffer.  I am a native and have never wanted to live anywhere else.  I have two kids Christiaan and Libby and two pets, Weezee is a chocolate lab and Paul James Stanley Strott is our cat.   Christiaan plays football and video games and Libby dances...all the time.  I enjoy Broncos football, Technology, Rock music and hanging with my wife. 
Mr. Strott's Email:
Mr. Strott's  Voicemail:  303-982-4187