Welcome to the Library

Meet the Library Staff

Mrs. Willahan (Digital Teacher Librarian, DTL)
- As you may or may not know, I began working with kids in juvenile law enforcement. While I loved that work, I felt a desire to work more proactively with kids....after several job experiences, and a couple of degrees later, here I am. Like our students, I chose McLain. I have been at McLain for about a decade, and I LOVE it here! Our students and staff make McLain GREAT! Our students are the most resilient students in Jeffco; their perseverance is inspiring. And selfishly, I am invested in our students as their generation supports my retirement. Thank you, students, for choosing us!

My husband, Mike (who is also a teacher) and I are Colorado transplants. We have been together for 23 years (married for 16), and moved from our home state of Illinois (Go Cubs!; Go Bulls!; Go Hawks!) in 2002. We are the proud parents of two amazing daughters, Syd (15) and Al (12) who make us laugh daily.

Mrs. Haustein (Librarian Assistant) - Mrs. H. handles so many things in the McLain Library including everything with books (checkout, organizing, ordering, processing, etc), the library coffee, library TAs, A/V equipment check-out, library Powerpoint TVs, and TONS of management stuff for Mrs. Willahan (she'd be lost without her). Stationed behind the CIRC desk, Mrs. H. has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for 50 years and has two grown children.

Mr. Harris (Tech Guy)
- Mr. Harris handles all technology throughout the building. He helps coordinate all the purchasing and troubleshooting of more than 453 computers, 27 printers, and thousands of pieces of misc. equipment throughout our building. Mr. Harris also helps to teach the staff and students how to do many things that involve technology. He has been married for eight years and has two children. 

Our Mission

To create an inviting atmosphere; 
to help you learn/improve 21st century information-literacy skills; 
and to empower lifelong learners and library patrons.