Achieve Academy

Bridge to Your Future

In Achieve Academy, we focus on a Career and Technical Education with an emphasis on post secondary options through developing workplace skills and college readiness.

Achieve Academy Schedule
Students entering the Achieve Academy will have the option to design a flexible schedule to meet their needs.  
  • Students will choose at least three consecutive block classes Monday – Thursday.  
  • They may start at either 9:00 or 10:40 am.   
  • Periods 1, 3, and 4 are called module classes and are approximately 4 ½ weeks long.  
  • Period 2 is a quarter long class.
Period 1     9:00 – 10:30 am       90 min
Period 2    10:40 – 11:50 am     70  min
Period 3    12:00 – 1:30 pm       90 min
Period 4    1:40 – 3:10 pm         90 min

Achieve’s schedule is structured to accommodate and promote students’ involvement in either AM or PM Warren Tech programs. 

Achieve Community
The Achieve program promotes relationship building through a variety of ways. This includes team building exercises, experiential learning opportunities, awards, and community involvement.

  • Community Connections ~ period Two is a quarter long, 70 minute class.  In addition to receiving content delivery, the time is used for scheduled Achieve Community events on Thursdays
  • Scheduled Community Events ~ experiential learning is necessary to convey a sense of relevance to the curriculum and learning process.  The Achieve program is committed to providing these opportunities throughout the year

Achieve Parenting Program
The Teen Parenting Program at McLain High School is a program that supports pregnant and parenting teens in a variety of ways. It is through this program that teens who are expecting a child or already have one are offered the opportunity to attend and receive credit for regular high school classes as well as courses that provide supportive learning experiences in regards to the labor & delivery process, child development, parenting skills, nutrition, money management, relationships, and much more. In addition, while these students attend classes during the day, they can take advantage of the on-site childcare which allows them to interact with their children during breaks throughout the school day. 

Program Credit Requirements
Every quarter is broken down into two modules.  Every module, the student will take two 90 minute classes and earn .5 credits.  Students also earn .25 credits through the Period 2 class which lasts for one quarter.  Additionally, students are required to choose a pathway credit.  This will give students the opportunity to earn an extra .25 credits each quarter.  The pathway credit can include:
  • Warren Tech
  • On-the-Job Experience (OJE)
  • Post-Secondary class
  • Friday Class 9:00 -1:00

Students will earn 1.5 credits each quarter.  Students entering on an even module will register for the same class in second period as they do for their Friday class.  The two classes together will receive .25 credits.  

Opportunities for Extra Credit
Students have the opportunity to earn additional credit throughout the year.  The credit can include:

  • OJE Independent Study
  • Warren Tech
  • Independent studies
  • Post-secondary class options
  • TABE testing
  • Outdoor Lab Leader
  • A fourth class: students who choose to take four classes Monday-Thursday, in addition to their Friday Pathway, could earn 2.25 credits in a quarter.
Commitment to Success
  • Achieve Access
    • The Achieve Academy offers access periods for students who need additional support with their academic achievement at McLain.  Access is offered 7:45 am - 8:45 am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Day care will be open for students who attend Access.
  • Small class / program size
    • Smaller class sizes promote more intensive teacher support and guided practice with new learnings.  As a goal, Achieve classes are held to 20 students or less. Furthermore, smaller class sizes allow for better relationships between students and teachers.
  • Rolling/continuous enrollment
    • Four and one-half week modules allow students to enter the program at multiple times throughout the year without losing opportunities for earning credit; there are 2 modules in each quarter. Students can enter the Achieve Program at each quarter. 
  • Orientation for new students
    •   At orientation, students and parents are given an overview of the alternative nature of the program; they also have the opportunity to ask questions or express concerns not otherwise addressed at Information Night.
  • Attendance/Performance Expectations
    • Students are held accountable for being here and demonstrating academic achievement. Our smaller class sizes, authentic assessments and frequent attendance monitoring provide ample opportunity for students to stay on top of their work and be successful.
  • Course Content
    • The Achieve Program provides instruction in content that is aligned with the district’s curriculum alignment project (CAP) with research-based interventions, while developing and supporting critical life skills and work-based competencies.
  • Post-Secondary Options
    • McLain HS has established positive working relationships with local community colleges. In fact, McLain houses a Red Rocks Community College liaison that works with students and families to complete entrance requirements and access financial aid prior to graduation.