Remember, you are in charge of your classes and credits!
McLain High School diplomas meet the graduation requirements of Jefferson County Public Schools and the state of Colorado.
To review the requirements or see how close you might be to graduation, see the list below.
If you have questions, see your counselor. He or she can help you plan your academic choices so you can graduate and prepare for your post-secondary goals.

All students must successfully complete the required 23 credits in order to receive a diploma from Jefferson County Public Schools:

* 4.0 English

* 3.5 Social Studies:

  - 0.5 Geography

  - 0.5 American Government

  - 1.0 American History

  - 1.0 World History

  - 0.5 Economics

* 3.0 Mathematics (at a level of Algebra 1 or higher)

* 3.0 Science 

* .5 Physical Education

* 9 Electives

TOTAL: 23 High School Credits