Library Information

Library Mission Statement
Deer Creek Middle School Library’s mission is to foster an inviting environment, a love of reading, and to provide opportunities for patrons to become independent life-long learners who use information and technology effectively, responsibly, collaboratively, and creatively in order to excel in the 21st Century.  The teacher librarian collaborates with the staff to create a positive impact on student achievement.
 Library Staff and Services

The staff for the Deer Creek Middle School Library consists of one full-time certified teacher librarian, Mrs. Coldsnow.  In addition, the library has student assistants each trimester who are trained in shelving books, checking in and out books, helping students locate books and resources, creating and laminating posters, and helping with basic technology and computer needs.


Free services offered to students include printing assignments, borrowing items for use in the library - headphones, markers, stapler, hole punch, rulers, tape, and colored pencils.  Other services which have a minimum charge include replacement ID cards for $3.00, white poster board for 50 cents, and colored poster board for 75 cents.

 Circulation Policy

 The check out periods are set by Jeffco District Policy. 


Loan Periods

·         A student may check out materials for up to two weeks at a time.  A student may renew an item one time as long as that item is not on reserve by another student.


Number of Resources Checked Out

·         A student with a clean record may check out up to five books if needed for a project.


Overdue Books

·         A student may not check out any materials if he/she has an overdue item or fine on his/her record.

Lost and Damaged Books

·         If a student has lost or damaged a book beyond repair, he/she is asked to pay for that book.  The price of replacement is determined by the cost of replacement.  If the damaged item just needs to be rebound, then the current cost of rebinding is charged.  Other minor damage may be charged a small fee as determined by the teacher librarian.