To maintain a high quality program, students entering Algebra I or AMPED, Geometry or GIC, Honors Geometry, Algebra II, or Honors Algebra II/Trig are expected to remember the basics of the mathematics taught in their previous course(s). In order to review these concepts prior to the school year, you should go to Khan Academy and complete & pass all of the assignments for the class you will be taking next year.  For each assignment, Khan Academy gives several review examples you can preview for each topic with online tutorials and videos to view in able to practice and demonstrate your prior knowledge.

Since this material is designed as review, each student is responsible for completing and passing each Unit Test assignment on their own.  A more formal assessment on these skills will be given the first week of Fall Semester to assess your knowledge of the covered topics. Your work will be put in as a grade by your teacher to assess your efforts to recall this information. You should be able to take each Assessment as many times as necessary to achieve 80% or higher.

1. Access Khan Academy, then choose 'Login' at the upper right of your screen. Continue with Google and use your school email ( & password. When you log in, it will open up to your Dashboard. 

2. Click on the tab to the right labeled 'Coaches' and type in the appropriate Class Code found below.

****Once you join the class, the assignments may not show up right away. Send an email to if you want them added immediately. Otherwise, they will be added within the week****

3. Click on the tab labeled 'Profile' and change your Real Name to your full first and last name (be sure to capatilize the first letter of each).

4. Once the assignments are uploaded, you will be able to click on the tab labeled 'Assignments' and work on the ones assigned to you.

Course Codes by Subject
  • Geometry/GIC: CVB6QJT8
  • Honors Geometry: JJF37JXB
  • Algebra II: PPX2VT39
  • Honors Algebra II/Trig: NZA828N3

***NO Summer Work for Pre-Algebra, Algebra Intermediate, Integrated Math III, Trig/Math Analysis, Honors Pre-Calculus, or College Algebra***

Teacher Contact Information
  • Jack Delosh (Algebra I, Geometry) -
  • Adam Reiter (Algebra I) -
  • Kirk Jacob (Algebra I, Algebra II) -
  • Anna Kauffmann (Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Algebra II) -
  • Larry Shavers (Honors Geometry, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II/Trig) -