Mrs. Ader's email:

How to Create a Form Forms are great ways to gather information from your students and parents.  They enter the text in the fields you provide and the information is automatically populated into a spreadsheet for your use later.

1.       Go to Documents.

2.       Click Create New – choose “Form”

3.       Create the form – maybe a “Contact the Teacher” form

4.       Once completed click on “More Actions…” at the top of the page, Click “Embed”

5.       Copy the URL provided.


To Embed the form on your website:

1.       Go to your Google Site

2.       Click “Create New Page”

3.       Choose the “Web Page” format

4.       Provide a title, click “Create Page”

5.       You will be taken to your new page.  Click “insert – spreadsheet form”

6.       Paste the URL of your form in the box at the bottom of the page.

7.       Click Select.


To see the results of people’s form submissions:

1.       Go to Documents.

2.       Your Form will now be a spreadsheet in your Google Docs list.

3.       Open the spreadsheet and see the results.  (This results page can also be embedded on your site if you want others to see the results).

4.       To edit the form – click on “Form” at the top of the spreadsheet.

ADVANCED:  To have the contents of the form emailed to you, you may want to look at the script "FormEmailer"

1.       Go to your form

2.       Click "Insert" menu and choose "Script"

3.     Search for "FormEmailer"

4.    Click the Install button and the Close button.

5.    Click the "FormEmailer" menu and choose "Install".  Authorization will be required so click "OK"

6.    Click the "FormEmailer" menu and choose "Install" again.  Click the Install button

7.    Click the "FormEmailer" menu and choose "Settings"

8.    On the Email tab

        a.    Add field "Reply to:" and add the appropriate placeholder

        b.    Modify the Subject

        c.    Save and close

9.    Set up the Trigger

        a.    Tools menu

                i.    Current Scripts trigger

                ii.    Add a new trigger

        b.    Time Driven | From Spreadsheet | on Form Submit