Mr. Mark Chorney- Music Specialist
Let's make some music!

It is my hope to broaden students’ musical learning experiences by further implementing daily practices and activities that engage children more deeply and encourage creativity. As an educator recognizing changes in our schools and the educational and social needs of our children growing up in the 21st century, the processes of learning music in the classroom become more invaluable for teaching of skills that grow beyond the music itself. Music as an art and end in itself will always be the prime motivator for teaching, because it is fun, expressive, and the aesthetic experience nurtures the spirit and grows compassion.  Music as an essential part of a child’s whole education must enable the growth of social and learning skills, too. Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity, as well as confidence and character building are skills learned in music that are part of the matrix of all learning in all subject matter. They are also essential to being a healthy, productive member of society.

Through a process of learning by guided discovery in movement, speaking, singing, playing instruments, and tapping into children’s natural play instincts, musical creativity and literacy grows and flourishes. Such is the essence of the Orff-Schulwerk approach and it is within this philosophy and practice, realized by German composer, Carl Orff (1895-1982), developed and widely followed throughout the world, that I take great joy in teaching music at Mortensen. For the beauty and joy of music and its relevance in school and life, I believe our students will find their musical education at Mortensen more fun and stimulating than ever!

Mark Chorney

Mortensen Music