Library Orientation


Library Organization
  • Fiction books are shelved by author
  •  Non-Fiction books are organized by subject (Dewey Decimal System)
  • Computers are available for schoolwork or homework use before (7:30 - 8:00 am) or after school (3:00 - 3:30) and during access 

Book Check-Out
  • Students may have 4 books checked out at a time
  • Books are checked-out 2 for a 2 week time period and may be renewed twice  
  • Fees are applied to all lost or damaged books 
  • Books can be placed on hold via the Manning Library website 
  • Kindles maybe checked out to access digital books from the Jeffco Public Library. 

Digital Citizenship
Using technology in our school is a privilege not a right.  If you abuse technology, you will not be able to use it.
  • Google Apps
  • Schoology
  • Internet
  • Manning H: and R: drive


 Before you print to the library:
   - Check printer location- is it set to the Manning Library?
   - Check number of pages that will be printed.  You can adjust to print just one of many pages.
   - If printing items from the web, copy and paste into a Word or Google Doc to reduce 
       the possibility of wasting paper and ink. 

 Access Passes 
The library is available during access (2:30- 3:00) for schoolwork.  You need to get your pass from the librarian BEFORE access begins.