Battle of the Books



Feb 8th Verbal Round

Each Round will begin during access and will finish around 4pm. 

Round One -  Includes 4 or 5 sets of 24 question                                                      

      Thursday February 1  - in the Library                    Wear a team shirt or team color. Bring a light snack.

Final Round - Includes 4 or 5 sets of 24 questions      

        Thursday February 8   - in the Library           Wear a team shirt or team color.  Bring a light snack.

Party - All teams and group members - Let's celebrate our hard work together - Tuesday Feb 13.     At the party we will announce the top two teams who earned the most points from both rounds and eat subs and chips 

Love to read?  Or perhaps some that have a competitive spirit?  Read on...we've got just what you need!

 B.O.B. is team based; you can either pick your own team or we can create a team for you.


  You will have about 5 months to read and take notes on all 10 novels

 Book List                        Author                            Genre

Swindle                           Gordon Korman              Adventure

12 Again                         Sue Corbett                     Fiction

Across Five Aprils           Irene Hunt                      Classic

Code Talker                    Joseph Bruchac               Historical Fiction

Miss Peregrine's Home                                                                            for Peculiar Children       Ransom Riggs                 Mystery Suspense

                                                Nothing But theTruth      Avi                                 Realistic Fiction

                                                Woods Runner                Gary Paulsen                   Historical Fiction

                                                A Wrinkle in Time           Madeline L'Engle              Fantasy

                                                Rules of the Road           Joan Bauer                      Fiction

                     The Remarkable Journey  of Prince Jen       Lloyd Alexander            Folk Tales, & Myths


How the Relay Battle Works

There are 24 questions in each round.  Each team has their own judge and timekeeper.  Once the Battle has begun, each team sends one member to their judge to get a Battle Question.  If they know the answer, they answer it and run back to their team for the next member to run to the judge and get another question.
If they don't know the answer, they run back to their team, ask them the question, then run back to their judge to provide the answer. All the while there are other teams Battling at the same time.  First team to finish all 24 questions stops that Battle Round.  The team with the most points/correct answers, wins !