Getting to know us

Lumberg Learning Specialists and Interventionists
Mr. McCabe is one of  Lumberg's Learning Specialists. 
  • You can reach Mr. McCabe at
  • I have been a Special Education teacher for 10 years. This is my fourth year at Lumberg.

Mr. James Dusman is one of Lumberg's Learning Specialists

Mrs. Philipps is Lumberg's Social Worker. 
  • You can reach her at
  • I've joined the Lumberg team this year and am thankful to be a part of the dynamic Lumberg community. As a school social worker, I work to help support students' social, emotional and behavioral functioning. Doing this requires the collaboration of the entire school family, including the students, staff, and of course - parents. While I'm going on my 12th year in the field of school social work, I continue to approach each day with a beginner's mind and am constantly learning from the little ones, as well as the folks around me.

Mrs. Rudnick is Lumberg's Speech and Language Pathologist. 
  • You can reach her at
  • This is my first year at Lumberg Elementary and I love it!  I support students in the areas of speaking and listening.  I love collaborating with teachers, other professionals, and families.  This is my fifth year serving Title I schools in the Denver metro area.  When I'm not at Lumberg, I love to spend time hiking, camping, and exploring in the Colorado Rockies with my husband and our daughters.