Welcome to the Lumberg Elementary Gifted and Talented Site.

Like most things gifted it will be a work in progress.  We are trying something new to reach our kids who are on a different level of learning, thinking and being.  This is year one, so wish us luck.

The idea is to model the program after the Wheat Ridge High School's Gifted Center.  Here the program being used is the Autonomous Learner Model where the focus is on Social, Emotional, Physical (health) and Intellectual/Cognitive aspects of learning.   We will learn what it means to be Gifted, how to relate to those around us, who are not like us, how to become independent learners, do service learning and project based learning.  

This site has links to the books I am using, newsletters, projects, blogs, the high school program in Jefferson County and hopefully many other useful things I/we find.

Here is to a new adventure
Jaime Peters
GT WIN Teacher