Little Elementary P.E.

Please make sure your child is prepared for P.E. by wearing the proper shoes and comfortable clothing. ALL students are required to wear P.E. shoes. Due to safety concerns, students will be asked to sit out during P.E. if they're not wearing the appropriate shoes. The 3rd time a student doesn't wear proper shoes, a 'note' will be going home to the parents.  

Below is the Specials Schedule for the entire year. This is an easy way to see what days your child has P.E. 

RED DAY CLASSES:               YELLOW DAY CLASSES:                  BLUE DAY CLASSES:  
6th grade Bell                    6th grade Parson                    NO 6th Grade
5th grade Cottingham              NO 5th Grade                        5th grade Swartz
NO 4th Grade                      4th grade Thompson                  4th grade Cook
3rd grade LeFebre                 3rd grade Miller                    3rd grade Kuhlmann
K - Morvay                        1st grade Halbasch                  1st grade McIver
K - Helton                        2nd grade Martin                    2nd grade Atkins