WELCOME TO THE 2016-17 LHS MOCK TRIAL SEASON!!  Home of the 2016 State Champions!!

1. Themes
3. Prove
4. Weir
5. Roberts
6. Garcia
7. Kreutzman
8. Lesh 1
9. Lesh 2
10. McKernan

 Ava  (0)  WeirMcKernan McKernan
 Justin GarciaKreutzmanKreutzman
 Lauren (c)  Roberts  Lesh  Lesh

Lexa (o)Kreutzman RobertsRoberts
Dylan/Jesse LeshGarcia Garcia
Lizzie (c) McKernanWeirWeir

Albert (c)Roberts McKernan McKernan
Courtney (0) GarciaLesh  Lesh
Theodora WeirKreutzmanKreutzman
Sam (0)McKernan Roberts  Roberts

Lesh Garcia Garcia 
Jaeda (c)Kreutzman Weir Weir 

   This  link will take you to an explanation of  the difference between a direct and a cross.

    LEGAL                                TEACHERS
Jeff Kelson                         Sheila Byrnes
Garret Macdonald       JoEllen Kramer.      
Tom Macdonald              Rachelle Scobell
Greg Porter                     

     Mondays & Wednesdays 3:30-5:00
   Monday: A107  Mdm. Scobell's room
   Wednesday: B118 Ms. Kramer's room

 SCRIMMAGE - THIS Friday, Jan. 6th
Please bring your own lunch!

WHO:  All available mockers 

WHAT:  A Team vs LHS Mock Trial Grads
             B Team vs Dakota Ridge
     Scrimmage BOTH plaintiff and defense sides 

WHEN:  Friday, January 6, 2017 - 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
WHERE:   U.S. District Court 
Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse
901 19th St., Denver, CO 80294 (downtown)
We you arrive, please go first to the jury assembly room on the 1st floor

SECURITY:   Yes, you will be screened.  No weapons or sharp items.  

Special note #1:  You must show picture ID to enter this courthouse.  Driver’s license or school ID is sufficient.

Special note #2:  You may NOT use the camera or audio recording functions on any device in this courthouse!

DRESS CODE:  Trial dress not required, but some may be in full battle dress.  Please dress at least courthouse casual: 
GUYS - at minimum, fully in-tact and clean jeans or slacks, shirt with a collar (no t-shirts, no sandals) 
GALS - fully in-tact and clean jeans, slacks, or skirt, no t-shirts.

LUNCH:  Please bring your own lunch!  Between scrimmage rounds, we will eat a quick lunch in the jury deliberation room associated with your courtroom.

TRANSPORTATION:  If you need a ride, please let us know and we will try to coordinate rides.

3.  QUESTIONS?  Please e-mail me or call me - 720-289-5336.