As the Assistant Principal guiding Assessment and Instruction at GHS, I not only manage all district and state-mandated assessments, I also support staff regarding best practices in curriculum and instruction.  Part of this focus involves writing the GHS Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) a state document which serves to outline GHS objectives for targeting growth areas in order to best support our students' academic growth and achievement across grade levels, content areas, and measurements.

Instruction goes hand in hand with assessment.  Jeffco provides teachers with a wealth of resources regarding guaranteed and viable curriculum along with guidance supporting instructional best practices.  At GHS, our focus centers around DuFour's Professional Learning Communities protocols including essential questions and formative assessment, the use of data to guide instructional decisions, and creating strategic interventions to support student needs. From the Jeffco Curriculum Alignment Project (CAP) to innovative Professional Development (iPD), PLCs, and shared leadership initiatives, GHS integrates a variety of instructional perspectives and strategies into our efforts to support our students to achieve academic and personal success.

In my fifth year as an Assistant Principal at GHS, I came to this position well-versed in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  I was a high school English teacher for 17 years in three states, serving in and being served by school districts (Jeffco, Montgomery County, MD, and Desert Sands, CA) that embraced best practices and school reform issues in a variety of ways.  Outside of the classroom, I spent a year writing district-wide secondary ELA curriculum and assessments and was also trained as an item writer for the California Standards Test.  My background in shared leadership also prepared me well to support the implementation of this protocol at GHS over the past few years.

I feel privileged to support students and staff at GHS, and look forward to working with my fellow Demons each and every day!  This is my third year supporting the Class of 2018, and I look forward to continuing to guide them to graduation next year, college, careers, and where-ever life may lead them.

Outside of school, I take full advantage of school breaks to travel both across the US (to see friends and family) and also internationally.   I sing with a chorus, look for new ways to dig up my yard, have a subscription to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, love to listen to live music, get out into Jeffco Open Space to hike, and look for opportunities to get outside with my dog Max.