Quotes that drive my instruction:

:"Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves, and each time that we try to teach them something too quickly, we keep them from reinventing themselves!"

~Jean Piaget 

"This is the sense in which I am obliged to be a listener. To listen to the student's doubts, fears and struggles that are a part of the learning process. It is in listening to the student that I learn to speak and relate to him or her."

~Paulo Friere, A Pedagogy of Freedom

"The greatest sign of success for a teacher...is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist."

~Maria Montessori

 Mrs. MacLeod's Full-Day Kindergarten

Where learning and passion blossom A place where laughter, friendship and learning blossom!

The foundation of my teaching philosophy is embedded in the loving, nurturing and safe learning environment I create for my students. I believe students are successful and engaged in learning when they are a part of a classroom community that fosters their natural curiosity, invites them to share their ideas, and encourages them to take risks. While I recognize the importance of teaching the curriculum, I also understand that feelings of self worth, belonging and acceptance are the cornerstones to being a motivated learner in the classroom.

            Interaction with my students is one of the most important aspects of my teaching. Developing a level of comfort and familiarity with my students encourages them to ask questions and take chances which are necessary when learning how to read or write. They become much less afraid of making mistakes. Showing my students respect is essential for them to develop the trust they need to take those risks and to grow as learners.

            I believe that every child that steps across the threshold of my classroom door will become a success. I hold high expectations for each child in my classroom. I believe that if you hold high expectations for your students they will, and do, strive to meet them. 

~Mrs. MacLeod


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