Campbell Elementary Significant Support Needs 2 Program

Welcome to our web page for our SSN2 Program!  

Meet the teachers:

Kimberly Williams
Kim is beginning her 16th year of teaching 12 of which in a Significant Support Needs Classroom.  
She has 3 children of her own. Kim runs yearbook club and the lacrosse cougar club throughout the year.

Lauren Tyler
This is Lauren's 14th year of teaching (second year at Campbell) and 8th year in a Significant Support Needs Classroom. Lauren has 4 children of her own and enjoys hiking and dancing.  In addition to teaching in the SSN2 program, Lauren also runs the cougar club for Zumba Kids afterschool.

Significant Support Needs Program

Our SSN2 program at Campbell is an inclusive model and both teachers will both be working with grades K-6th together.  Kimberly supports more in the area of reading and writing, while Lauren supports with mathematics and writing.  

We have a strong believe that all children can learn and we provide an environment where students flourish into independent learners building their social and self-advocacy skills.  We believe all children moving through elementary school should build their independence in the classroom and follow the 4 R’s of Campbell Elementary, Respectful, Resourcefulness, Ready to Learn, and Responsible.  We look forward to seeing all of our Campbell Students learn, grow, and develop new skills throughout this upcoming 2017-2018 school year!