Kendallvue Classrooms


Hours for 2018-2019

AM                        PM
 8:00-11:00             12:00-3:00 

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                    PJ and Winter Fun -Friday, December 21

Winter Break - December 24-January 8

       Students Return - January 9

Dear Kendallvue Preschool Families,

It is already mid December and the new year rapidly approaches, therefore it is time to talk about enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year.  Jeffco is going paperless for the upcoming school year.  All registration will be completed online through  

Registration begins January 22nd until February 8th.  Families must update Jeffco Connect accounts, if a new child is being enrolled families will be required to set up their Jeffco Connect account.   Once Jeffco Connect information is saved families will continue the enrollment process.  Notifications will be made and families have 5 days to accept offers.

This is a new procedure for all of us, we will do our best to assist you with the process.

Upcoming events for December include a visit from our Jefferson County Library Volunteer on December 5th

December 11th is hearing and vision screenings for all Kendallvue students.   Reports are only delivered in the case of a discrepancy in test results.

On December 21st is pajama day, preschool classes will offer special games and activities as we say goodbye to 2018. 

Winter Break begins December 24, class resumes January 9th.

Kendallvue Elementary will be offering a New Parent Information Night on Wednesday January 9th at 6:00 PM.  This is a great opportunity to visit the elementary school and learn more about the Kendallvue Kindergarten program.  Preschool will also be represented, share the news with friends and neighbors interested in attending Kendallvue Preschool next year.

Do not hesitate to contact Kendallvue Preschool if you have questions or concerns about upcoming events.


 We follow Colorado Academic Standards, using Bridge to Curriculum and Tools of the Mind as  preschool resources. Our work with children focuses on self-regulation, focused attention and deliberate memory.

A sample of a day might be: 

Opening group (name games, charting the weather, calendar, finger plays, and songs)

  Small groups: science, literacy, math

 Outside time: at least 30 minutes per day (depending on weather)

Play planning: Children set a plan each day as to where they want to play

(dramatic play, science, table toys, blocks, art, and literacy).

Each center has a corresponding color. The children draw their plan each day.  This is a great way to engage in conversation with your child.  (Where did you play today?  Which center?  What did you do there, which friend did you play with today?).

                                   Centers:  Children go to the area they have chosen on their play plans and stay there for 10 minutes at the first of the year and will work up to 45-50 minutes.

  CLOSING GROUP:  Good-bye song, music and movement.

 Green Room Teachers - Temp 6

     Ms. Danni


                                           Ms. Caroline
Blue Room Teachers - Temp 4

 Ms. Amiee

Ms. Carol

Support Staff assisting all Children
Ms. Erica, Ms. Michelle, and Ms. Lara

The Preschool Office is located in Temp. 5 on
the North-West side of Kendallvue Elementary