Golden High School Demon Den Advisement

Demon Den Coordinator:   
                                             Voice Message: 303-982-0199

Teachers: To recommend a student to the Demon Den please complete this recommendation form as best you can. Don't worry too much about blank sections - just tell me what you know about your kid and what their needs are.

Peer Tutors: If you would like to tutor in the Den please complete this form and drop by the Demon Den to chat to Ms. T-E

Come Visit the Demon Den!
Located in Rooms 220 and 218

What is the Demon Den?
  • A resource for all GHS students for daily one-on-one or small group contact with teachers, peer tutors, School of Mines tutors and counselors.
  • A place to access technology.
  • A place to study.

When is the Demon Den open?
  • Teachers are on Duty Monday - Thursday. Counselors are on duty on Fridays.
  • Every block, every day.
  • Every lunchtime, every day
  • Every afternoon until 3:30pm.

What can students do in the Demon Den?
  • Get help on homework.
  • Improve reading, writing, grammar, math, science, critical thinking and study skills.
  • Develop schedules and strategies for completing short and long term assignmnets.
  • Complete quizzes and tests you may have missed in class.

Who can attend the Demon Den?
  • 9th graders can request a pass to go to the Demon Den during their advisement class.
  • 10th, 11th and 12th graders can use the Demon Den during their off block. Simply sign in at the door, find a tutor and get to work.
  • Any student can drop in during lunch or after school.

Teacher Schedule
School of Mines and NHS Tutor Schedule

DD Tutor coverage Co School of Mines and NHS

Golden High School Bell Schedule

Demon Den Advisement Syllabus

Follow this link to view and read the syllabus. Once you have read the syllabus, fill out the form below to acknowledge you have completed this task.

Demon Den Syllabus Signoff