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Wecome to Mathematics at Falcon Bluffs Middle School 

Math 8

Basic Components of All  Math Classes
All of the day to day components of math will be chronicled on an agenda for each week.  The agenda will list all of the classwork, homework, notes and learning logs for each week. The document is shared with you on Google drive and is also on this site under the class tab. These are collected each Friday for  weekly work habits grades. Classwork is worth 10 points and homework is worth 5 points.  

Class Notebook
Each student will organize their classwork and homework in a graph paper spiral notebook. Students 
will receive credit for classwork and homework completion by having their agenda signed by the teacher 
each class period.  Weekly grades will be entered on Fridays.  

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I teach two levels of mathematics on team :Math 8 that uses Core Connection Course 3 (CC3), and Math 7/8 that uses a combination of Course 3 and Course 2 (CC2).

 Both books, published by College Preparatory Mathematics, have great on-line resources;  including homework help!

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