Mrs. Quinn's First Grade
May 14th-May 18th

Field trip is on Friday May 18th!

In our room, we will be having an afternoon snack everyday.  Please make sure to send a healthy snack with your student. 


This week we will be exploring different reading habits to use when we are reading nonfiction books.  We will be using everything we have learned to help us understand more complex nonfiction texts.

They are now reading independently for 30 minutes! They have been working so hard on building their stamina.

We are going to work on spelling our snap words, we will not be introducing new words.

 Please continue to read at home :) 


This week we are continuing to work on our end of the year writing project.  This is when we take everything we have learned all year and use those skills to create a first grade magazine.  This is a really fun project!

This week we are working on our how to writing piece, hidden picture, and comic strip for our end of the year magazines.


This week we will be reviewing all of the strategies we have learned to add two 2 digit numbers together.  We will have 2 days of practice, review on Wednesday, and take our assessment on Thursday.

The following week we will be spending time exploring coins.

If you have any questions on the strategies the students are learning about please let me know.

Social Studies:

 This week we will exploring maps some more and landforms.

Contact Information:

School Phone Number: 303.982.7900 

Email: Jenna.Quinn@jeffco.k12.co.us

The best way to communicate with me is through email.  I do my best to check it and respond as quickly as possible.

Daily Schedule: 

8:00-8:15- Soft Start
8:15-8:25- Morning Meeting
8:25-10:25- Reading
10:25-10:45- Math
10:45-11:25- Lunch and Recess
11:25-12:10- Math
12:10-12:25- Afternoon Recess
12:25-1:05- Writing
1:05-1:50- AMP's
1:50-2:10- Handwriting/writing
2:10-2:40- Science/ Social Studies
2:40-2:45- Stack and Pack

AMP's This Week:

  May 14-18

Monday- Music
Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Art
Friday- Art