Job Postings -- RV Seniors 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Senior Job Interview Project!
For this project, area professionals from various job fields come to RV to conduct "mock" job interviews with 
English 12 Seniors.  The intent is to practice the "real world" skills of resume writing, interviewing and networking. 

1.)  Find a job field below that is the closest match to your interests.  There may not be an exact match for everybody. 

2.)  No matter what job field you select, the questions asked will be general interview questions.  You must also prepare questions to ask your interviewer.

3.)  Try to sign up for an interview during your English class or off block. If you sign up for an interview slot during a class, you are responsible to tell your teacher why you are leaving and the interview time. 

4.)  Remember: Dress to Impress, Show Up a Few Minutes Early, Bring Your Resume, Bring Copy of Sign Up Genius

Arts- D. Ballard-  Fri- AM- FULL

Arts/Writing- D. Fletcher- Fri- AM FULL

Banking/Finance- J. Anson- Fri- AM

Business - F. Christiansen - Thu- PM ONE SPOT

Business - A. Fitzsimmons- Fri - AM- FULL

Business - A. Litzau - Fri- PM FULL

Business - C. Sorensen - Thu- AM FULL

Business- K. Sorensen- Thu- AM

Business - K. Weber -  Thu- AM

Business Development - I Harwick - Thurs PM

Business Management - J. Friedman - Thu- All Day FULL

Business Marketing - A. VanWanseele - Thu- All Day

Business Sales - J. Marquis - Thurs-AM

Computer Science - K. Adame - Fri- All Day

Computer Science - M. Letofsky - Fri- AM

Education- M. Buenning-  Fri- AM FULL

Education- T. Lozano-  Thu- AM FULL

Education- I. Morris- Thu- AM ONE SPOT

Education or Non-Profit- D. Weiser- Fri- All Day FULL

Engineering - B. Board - Fri- AM

Engineering - -J. Cross - Fri- PM- FULL

Engineering - S. Hagemann - Fri- AM- FULL

Engineering - K. Gilbert - Thu- AM FULL

Engineering - L. Parker - Fri- PM- FULL

Engineering - L. Revis - Thu- AM FULL

Engineering - K. Schultze - Fri- AM FULL

Engineering - M. Waldschmidt - Fri- PM FULL

Health Sciences - C. Bishop - Thu- All Day FULL

Health Sciences - Collier - Fri - PM FULL

Health Sciences - K. Hartman - Fri- PM FULL

Health Sciences - S. Hegland - Thu- AM FULL

Health Sciences - K. Kurchinski - Thu- AM FULL

Journalism - K.Christiansen - Fri- PM FULL

Journalism/Liberal Arts - D. Wagman - Fri- PM

Journalism/Sales - D.Weiss - Fri- AM

Law - A. Fratzke -  Fri- AM FULL

Military - Sgt. L. Parker- Thu- PM

Psychology - S. Bolton - Thu- PM FULL

Psychology - J. Nakata - Fri-AM FULL

Public Safety - J. Quinn - Thu- All Day

Trades/Construction - L. Neilsen- Thu- AM FULL


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