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 Social Justice Project Videos - English 12 Links: 
Factory farming Part 1 and Part 2: Sam Gross, Morrigan Snavely, Noah Hofmann, Karina Dominguez, and Brendan Wright

Political and Social Impacts for LGBTQ+ Youth Part 1 and Part 2: Kellen Langfield, Noah Parko, Chase Smith, Kian Karp, Asher Jacobs, and Vincent Jasper

Homelessness: Casey and Cameron Parker 

Animal Abuse Part 1 and Part 2: Tony Price, Chevelle Dassow, Carlos Bernal, David Nguyen, Liz Montoya

Police and Community Relations: Matt Johnstone, Kyle Geist, Kylie Ricci, Logan Trujillo, Ty Hammack

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