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Please contact me via email at with any questions, cares, concerns, or suggestions.  I value your partnership and will respond within 48 hours. 

Mrs. Hughes' Daily Classroom Schedule


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Reading (Literacy)*9:50-10:20 Friday - LIBRARY


Phonics (Literacy)




Writing (Literacy)


Art, Music, PE


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Science/Social Studies


Clean up and Dismiss

*KYFFIN LIBRARY BOOK CHECKOUT:  Friday, 9:50-10:20 - Please bring Kyffin Library books to school every Friday.


We had an in-school field trip today to the world of James and the Giant Peach.  Ask your student what role they got to play and to tell you a retell of the story.  We also began our Kyffin Cares project by planting an outside pot for each classroom and placing them by the outside doors.  Second graders will continue to care for the flowers until school ends.  Next time you are at Kyffin, please notice our beautiful and colorful flowers.  

We do not have math homework tonight but many students brought home a rough draft of a story they are writing about pioneer days.  Their goal is to complete the rough draft so tomorrow they can focus on revising and editing as well as beginning their final copy.

Students also brought home a blue permission slip for our last field trip of the year on May 17.  It is also an in-school field trip but this time to the symphony.  Members of the Jefferson County Symphony come to Kyffin and introduce their instruments to second grade students through demonstration and music.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

In addition, you might want to ask your student about our science class today that focused on learning about motion, force, work, and energy by experimenting with the forces of push and pull along with the effects of friction on motion.  We will continue our experiments tomorrow.  We have already experienced the effects of the forces of push and pull on the playground equipment with our study buddies last Friday. Now we are applying that knowledge to other objects in motion besides our bodies.


  1. We have finally reached the finish line for the Race to Read. All recording sheets are due tomorrow. Completed sheets will be added to our classroom total for the race to read the greatest number of hours in the primary grades.  Students will still receive individual prizes and also have their sheets count toward being the top reader for the primary grades.  Incomplete sheets can be turned in to count toward a student's weekly reading minutes on their reading log.  Beginning tomorrow, please start recording student's nightly reading in their reading logs in their homework binder.
  2. Second graders will be planting pots, 8:30-9:30, to place next to all of the classroom outside doors as our grade level's Kyffin Cares project. Students will water the plants until the end of the school year. 
  3. Pam the Playmaker will once again be joining the second grade during our literacy block, 10:00-10:55, to bring to life a classic children's story through theater. This interactive theater performance is a highlight for our second graders!

Tuesday, May 8:

  1. End of Year MAP assessment for English Language Arts, 8:30-10:00. 

Wednesday, May 9:

  1. ALL LIBRARY BOOKS DUE for the final time this school year.  We will not be checking out any new books for the remainder of the year. 
  2. We have a special assembly planned for our second graders, 9:00-10:00, sponsored by the Retired Teachers' Association.

Thursday, May 10:

  1. End of Year MAP assessment for Math, 8:30-10:00.
  2. 2:25-2:50  Golden Library Summer Program Presentation


We have many special events and schedule changes this week.  I have listed them below.

1.      Tuesday, April 24, 8:30 am-2:40 pm:  Junior Achievement “Our Community”

Junior Achievement’s mission is to develop and implement programs designed to help students acquire the knowledge and economic reasoning skills to make sound financial decisions as they grow older.  JA “Our Community” introduces students, through hands-on activities, to how citizens benefit from and contribute to a community’s success.  Topics include careers, product production, innovation, earning, taxes, government, money, business, and decision making.  JA is volunteer-taught with the classroom teacher serving as a co-teacher.  There are five extended lessons with learning activities.  These will be taught throughout the day with recess/lunch, AMP, and WIN remaining at their usual times.

2.      Thursday, April 26:  Jeffco Schools Non-Student Contact Day

Students do not have school on Thursday.  You have received an email from Superintendent Glass regarding the school closure for students on this day.

3.      Friday, April 27, 8:10 am-12:25 pm:  Early Release Day for Students

School will dismiss at 12:25 pm for students.

4.      Friday, April 27:  Fundations, Unit 15 Assessment

Due to all of the schedule changes this week and the Flex Days next week, the Fundations assessment for Unit 15 will be delayed until Wednesday, May 2.  The math fact fluency assessment will be given on Friday, April 27 as scheduled.

5.      Monday, May 7:  Race-to-Read, Last Day to Turn in Reading Sheets

The original date published, May 4th, as the last day to turn in Race-to-Read recording sheets and earn prizes falls on a flex day.  Due to the limited number of students attending school that day, the deadline has been extended to Monday, May 7th.   Two more days to read!

We are reading up a storm!  Our class has collectively turned in 38 Race-to-Read sheets and read 9120 minutes.  We are more than halfway to our class goal of 15,800 minutes and still have three weeks to READ!   We set our goal based on everyone turning in Sheets 1, 2, and 3 to earn their two passes to Bandimere's Night of Thunder so we could meet all of our friends and their parent for a fun night at Bandimere.  Bandimere passes will come home after the challenge ends, not immediately when Sheet 3 is turned in as do the prizes for Sheet 1 and 2.  We are currently the top reading class in the primary grades so keep encouraging your student to read nightly and record their minutes on their Race-to-Read sheets.  I am so proud of our second grade readers! 

I am also excited to begin our Timeline presentations on Monday.  If you have any questions regarding this assignment, please let me know.  I hope your student has enjoyed interviewing a favorite relative and learning about the similarities and differences from their life today.  

Next week Kyffin students are participating in Spirit Week with a different themed activity each day.  Students can "dress up" and join in the fun each and every day or only on the days that inspire them.  Just remember that participation still needs to meet our school dress code and be safe (or temporarily removable) to participate in recess and AMP classes as usual.  

Monday - PJ Day

Tuesday - Crazy Hair and Hat Day

Wednesday - 80’s Day

Thursday - Dress Like a Teacher Day

Friday – Formal Friday

Finally, a big THANK YOU to our ELF coordinators Lora Koenig and Alyssa Bamer.  Students participated in their last session of the year on Thursday by learning about the life cycles of birds.  Lora and Alyssa have sent the following note:

Dear Parents,
On Thursday we finished or final ELF of the year.  I hope your kiddos came home singing like the birds they learned about and were able to find a place to hang their bird feeder.  ELF would not happen without our dedicated parent volunteers.  I specifically want to thank Alyssa for co-chairing ELF this year and to all of our parent volunteers.  Throughout the year, we had 15 different parent volunteers participate in ELF and a very special thank you to Serree and Taryn/Micheal who volunteered at every ELF session this year.  This year's focus was on cycles, so please continue to remind your child about how the trees, birds, insects and pond life change wih the seasons.  Next year ELF will focus on adaptations and students can look forward to dissecting an owl pellet, which is a highlight. Thank you again for your support of ELF.

Lora and Alyssa 

April 24, Tuesday, 8:30-2:30:  Junior Achievement Economics in Our Community Program
April 27, Friday:  Early Release Day, Dismissal at 12:25 pm 
May 3-4, Thursday-Friday:  Flex Days-School by Appointment Only

January 29
We are studying water usage as part of our economics unit.  We will be comparing and contrasting the availability and usage of water in your student's day with that of a child in a developing country.  

Today in class, we brainstormed ways we use water in our lives and if they are "needs" or "wants". Students are bringing home a sheet today to help them keep track of their water usage for the next two days. They can begin in the morning.  They are to make a check or tally mark in the "Number of Times" column. The exception to this is "Taking a Shower".  This is to be recorded in minutes so an adult can time the shower or guesstimate the length for your child.  On Wednesday night, students can total the marks for each activity.  I would appreciate it if an adult could help use a calculator to multiply the "Amount of Water" times the total number and record that number in the "Total Amount of Water Used".  Students may also need support adding all of the totals together for a two day total.  This will be the only math homework on Wednesday due to extended enrichment that morning.  The sheet will need to be returned on Thursday, February 1st.  We will be graphing our water usage as a class.

Thank you for your support.  If any questions arise, please email me. 

January 10
Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a magical holiday season filled with fun family time and relaxation.  I have enjoyed these first three days back with your children.  They are full of exciting stories, enthusiasm for the second half of the school year, and even a New Year's Resolution (or two).  We are remembering routines and establishing a few new ones.  One change in our schedule is a trip to the computer lab every week to work on Mobymax's "Math" or "Reading Stories" and to begin to develop research skills during our informational reading and writing units.  Students will gain experience using a mouse, reading on a computer screen, typing on the keyboard, and exploring appropriate websites for research.  Information on using Mobymax at home was sent home before Winter Break.  I am sending home an individual login card in this week's Friday Folder as well.

Students have the Family Letter and first math homework assignment for Unit 4 in their binder tonight.  We start off the unit focusing on determining a specific amount of money by adding together different combinations of dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  Next week, students will begin to develop strategies for finding unknown addends for 100 and then move into subtracting two-digit numbers from 100.  One of the biggest changes in vocabulary you might notice (or remember from previous years in Math Expressions) is that children no longer borrow from the next higher place value, they ungroup to get ten ones or ten groups of ten. I have added a new link on my website under "Useful Links" to the 2nd Grade Math Expressions Family Support page.  It is also included in this email.  Check it out for information and resources on supporting your child during each unit of study.  We are just beginning 
Unit 4.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

The homepage for the Math Expressions Family Support site is also helpful because you can access the 2nd grade support page as well as look at other grade levels.  Additionally, it has links to other great math resources such as KhanAcademy, Learn Zillion, Prodigy, and You Cubed from Stanford.  I have included this link on my website as well.

Students also have a Story Planner/Retell for The Gingerbread Man.  Please let your child retell the story of the gingerbread man's journey in his quest to not be eaten by a boy, three farmers, a bear, a wolf, and a fox.  I encouraged students to tell the story to as many people in their house as possible.  Ask your student what they feel is the most important event in the beginning, the middle, and the end.  This will help them when we condense our retell down to a summary tomorrow in class.  Please sign the Story Planner and send it back to school tomorrow.  Thank you for your partnership in your child's education.

I have attached the flyer from Mrs. Gomez for the Second Grade Musical, Thursday, February 8, at 3:30 pm.  It reiterates the information sent home in Friday Folders on December 15. Please send an extra snack for your child that day to eat after school before the 3:30 performance.  Second grade teachers will be supervising students in their classrooms until the program begins so as you arrive, go straight to the gym and be seated.  Students will bring their costumes (or wear it if the costume is clothes they can wear safely to recess and Specials classes) to school that day and get dressed before the dress rehearsal at 12:20 pm. Invite your family and friends as it is sure to be an entertaining musical! 

December 19
I neglected to include a reminder in yesterday's email about the class Book Exchange at our holiday party tomorrow.  Please send in a wrapped, gently used or new book with your child tomorrow. Do not include a gift tag.  If this is a hardship for your family on such short notice, do not worry. There will be a few extra wrapped books so that every one receives a book. 

Students really wanted to be able to wear slippers in the classroom tomorrow with their blankets and pajamas so i am revising yesterday's email to include slippers.  Pillows and stuffed animals are still to stay at home.  A reminder that slippers are only for classroom use so kids will change out of their sneakers when they arrive and put them back on to go any place else in the building or outside.

The last bit of information before break is that our class is now rostered in Mobymax.  We will be using this resource in school after winter break but you are welcome to get started over break with your student.  Your child's user name is their student ID number and their password is Moby1234.  There are many subject areas to choose from in Mobymax.  The first time a student logs into a subject area, they will be prompted to take a placement test, then given lessons that begin at their personal starting point.  Let me know if you encounter any problems.  
December 18 

Wednesday is full of special activities!

  • Our class, along with Mrs. Franey's class is having a pajama day.  Students may wear their favorite pajamas and bring a small blanket to sit on.  Students are not to bring pillows or stuffed animals.  Just a reminder - pajamas must meet the school dress code and students will still be going outside for recess and to Special's classes. 
  • Our class has collectively earned 100 stickers on our class PRRS paw which translates into 5 stamps toward our school goal to earn an all school celebration.  This means we have earned a movie party.  I had originally told students we would be watching The Polar Express but instead we will be watching Dr. Seuss's The Grinch (the cartoon version) or another holiday animated classic.  I will provide popcorn and hot chocolate for students.  If anyone has a VHS or DVD of The Grinch we could borrow for the day, please let me know.
  • There is no homework this week and I will not be sending home Fundations or math facts again until after winter break.  I always encourage reading over school breaks but it is optional to record the minutes.
  • Our Winter Holiday Party begins at 2:00 pm on Wednesday. I hope everyone is able to join us for the festivities.  Please visit the sign-up genius if you can donate time or supplies for the party.  If you have any questions, please direct them to our room parent, Renee Hook:

 October 18

The witching hour is approaching and I want to make sure that everyone is clear about the schedule for the Halloween festivities, Tuesday, October 31.  

  • Please click on the following link to donate food or supervise a craft or game.  Our room parent, Renee Hook is coordinating the party. 
  • Donations for the party may be sent to school with your child or brought to the classroom when you arrive for the parade.
  • Kids may wear parts of their costume that may be regular clothing, and bring items to add or change into at 1:15.  Please keep costume embellishments simple for school because students do have to be able to get themselves ready for the parade in a short amount of time.  More elaborate additions, make-up, and/or masks may be added at home for the evening trick-or-treating.   
  • Masks and weapons (even pretend ones) are not allowed at school due to safety considerations.
  • Parents will be allowed to check in to view the parade and set up classroom parties at 1:15 pm.  Please check in at the office.  Adult costumes must follow the same safety guidelines as student costumes.
  • The Halloween parade begins at 1:30 pm.  The parade viewing area is in the gym. This is the best place to view the parade and take pictures!  
  • The class party begins immediately following the parade, usually about 2:00 pm. Everyone is welcome so please join us!  
  • Students are working on a SURPRISE for the parents!  They will present their work at the beginning of the party so please come to our room first if you have multiple children to visit.  It will be fun!

September 27

Tomorrow morning, 8:30-10:00, is the first ELF session, Meet a Tree.  Students learn that a tree is the sum of many parts, each designed to perform a necessary function during the tree’s life cycle and within its seasonal cycle. Look for projects from the session to come home tomorrow and ask your child to tell you what they learned about trees. We are so excited to get started with ELF!

Due to practicing for the Quantitative section of the CogAT, there is not a daily math homework sheet today. Continue to practice math facts and phonics dictation for the assessments on Friday. We will continue our practice tomorrow afternoon with the Nonverbal section and on Friday students will log into their accounts in the computer lab so we are ready for the CogAT assessment next week. This is the first year students will be taking the CogAT on the computer.

Our class will be taking the CogAT in the computer lab on Monday and Tuesday, October 2-3, 9:45-10:50 am. Wednesday, October 4, students will compete the testing 8:30-9:40 am. There are three batteries: Verbal, Quantitative, and Nonverbal. We will complete one battery each day. Please try to make sure your child is rested and has eaten breakfast to help them do their best. If your child is ill, do not send them to school. There will be make-up sessions for those students. CogAT results help determine areas where your child has strengths and can also help identify their strongest learning style. Results do not come back until after Winter Break at which time they will be sent home to parents.

The class earned a second PRRS Cougar Paw Award through their Positive, Responsible, Respectful, and Safe behaviors. Congratulations! For their award, students chose to bring in a "Show and Tell" tomorrow. I am excited to see every student's special item that they bring to share.

Angela and Rita are starting up the Second Grade Book Club Friday, September 29.  They plan to meet this semester on the following Fridays during lunch: Sept 29th, Oct 6th, 27thNov 3rd, 10th, and 17th. There is no charge to attend.  Book Club is starting off with an Owl Diaries book before Fall Break and then continuing with a Calendar Mystery chapter book in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Break.  For those who are new to Book Club, packing a sack lunch makes things a little easier but any kids who need to go get a hot lunch are able to do so.  Angela will send out reminders the day or two before book club each week. If you have not signed up, contact Angela at

I submitted the September Book Order this week so they should arrive next week.  I also sent home the flyers for the October order.  Remember books can be purchased online with a credit card as well with the flyer order form and a check made payable to Scholastic Book Club.  Payment must be made when the order is placed.  October, November, and December book orders will be placed mid-month so that the books arrive before that month's holiday.  If you ever want to order books as a gift for your child, just let me know and I will notify you when the order arrives to arrange a pick up instead of sending them home with your student.
Thank you in advance for supporting our classroom with your purchases.  The points I earn from your orders are used to buy book sets for small group reading and new books for our classroom library.

September 14

Students completed the Reading MAP assessment today, so they have completed their MAP testing until mid year.  Due to the assessment, we do not have math homework except to study math facts for our one minute quiz tomorrow.  Students will also have their first Fundations test in the morning.

Please send in your student's homework binder so I can check their reading logs.  Math homework that should have been completed this week is 1-6, 1-7, and 1-8.  If anyone is still working on these assignments, try to turn them in tomorrow morning.

Hopefully everyone was able to fly their student's paper airplane, read the positive statement in the airplane, and talk with your child about the power of positive energy in our learning.  I truly am privileged to spend the day with your children.  They are an enthusiastic, hard working class and truly a joy to greet each day.  

September 14 - Parent Reminders

The Lockdown Drill was successful in teaching the kids where we would shelter during an emergency and also the importance of listening to the adults in charge to stay safe.  As you talk with your child about the drill today, if you have any questions, please email me.

We have our second session of MAP tomorrow morning.  We will be participating in the Reading assessment beginning at 8:45.

Fall Follies are on Monday, September 14, 12:15-2:45.  We always love to have a large cheer contingency so meet us on the playground to encourage, take pictures, and participate in the fun!  See you there!

Fun Run, September 8

Tomorrow is the day of our PTA fundraiser - the Kyffin Fun Run.  Second grade students will be running 12:20-1:05, during our normal AMP time.  Students need to bring a water bottle to school, wear sneakers, and a hat (optional).  To show our class spirit, it would be great if everyone could wear their craziest socks!  Students will all receive a Fun Run t-shirt to wear. Please meet us on the playground to cheer on the students and help mark lap cards. Students will run/walk for 30 minutes.  They may stop and rest and take water breaks at any time. 

Students will bring home their lap cards to show how many laps they completed to their sponsors.  They will also bring home a collection envelope.  Students will have one week to collect their monetary pledges.  Collection envelopes need to be turned in by Friday, September 15.  Donations can also be made online.  An information sheet with the incentive prizes, a Sponsor Name form, and online donation instructions was sent home in last Friday's folder. 

I hope to see you tomorrow afternoon!

You have been invited to sign up for "ELF Parent Volunteers." Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

ELF Volunteers needed!
Please consider volunteering for ELF (Environmental Learning for the Future) this year.  ELF is a very exciting, hands-on program about Earth Science.  ELF will be held approximately ever 6-8 weeks on Thursday mornings (total of 5 times this year).  Volunteers just need to show up and run their center. This is a great way to help in the classroom and spark an interest in science for both our kiddos and ourselves.    Please Contact Alyssa Bamer ( and Lora Koenig ( with any questions.  You can sign up for ELF dates through the SignUp Genius and thank you in advance:

In the classroom - Our class visited the Kyffin library for the first time today.  Students are allowed to check out two books per week, may keep books for two weeks if they are not finished with them in one week, and may renew a book one time after two weeks.  Every Wednesday, please gather up your child's library books and place them in their backpack. We turn in our books at 8:15 am and then go to the library 9:50-10:20 for check out.  After we return to class, students may read their books for 10 minutes, then they pack them in their backpacks.  Since we have plenty of books in our classroom library, I ask that the Kyffin library books stay at home until the next Wednesday.  Then we do not have any mix-ups and frantic adults tearing apart their house or my classroom trying to find missing library books. :) 

At Kyffin - Curriculum Night, 6:00-8:00 pm - Come join us for the highlights of the year for the Kyffin community and for your child's classroom. This is also the perfect opportunity to discover the answers to any questions you may have about school policies, opportunities to get involved in our Kyffin community, classroom organization and procedures, and your child's grade level curriculum. Meet in the Kyffin gym at 6:00 pm for a welcome from Mr. Havens, followed by two classroom presentation sessions, Session 1: 6:30-7:10, Session 2: 7:15-7:55. Second grade parents will meet with Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Franey in Room 16, Mrs. Franey's classroom (right around the corner from Mrs. Hughes' classroom).  Parents only need to attend one session per child.  SEE YOU TONIGHT!

P.S.  If you are unable to attend, our second grade presentation will be posted on my website under "Parent Communication".

August 21, 2017


We made it through Eclipse Day!  Students conducted a science experiment this morning to discover how a body as small as the moon can cover up something as large as the sun.  They learned this by using a paper plate as the sun and a quarter as the moon.  They brought home their sun so they can show you what they learned. Students also spelled as many words as possible from the letters in the phrase, Total Solar Eclipse, and wrote an acrostic poem for the word Eclipse.  In addition, we took advantage of this opportunity to read an informational text on the phenomenon of a solar eclipse.  It gave everyone a chance to practice highlighting key information and to use the text to answer comprehension questions.  We read the first two of four pages in our packet as a class.  

All of these items came home today and do not need to come back to school. Enjoy listening to your student share their knowledge and enrich what they know by reading the last two pages of the eclipse packet at home.

I hope everyone has had a chance to visit the Signup Genius for Flex Days next week.  If you did not receive an invitation from Signup Genius, I would check your junk or spam folder. I also sent a link to your email and it is on my website, listed under 2nd grade on the Kyffin Homepage.

August 17, 2017 

Dear Parents:

What a great first day of school! Your children worked hard to label all of their supplies and organize their desks.  They also met our new principal, Mr. Havens, and classroom para-professional, Miss Sarah, read a poem and several books about adventures on the first day of school.  Most of all, we had fun as we began to build our classroom community by getting reacquainted with familiar faces and welcoming new students!

Tomorrow is everyone's chance to party with our Kyffin community!  Please join us on Friday, August 18, 5:00 - 7:00 pm, for our Kyffin Kick-Off, a PTA sponsored event for the whole family!  We'll have a bounce house, food trucks, music, and fun to welcome everyone back for another great year at Kyffin. Bring your own dinner, or take it easy and order pizza from Wheels on Fire and dessert from Kona Ice. The event will take place at Kyffin rain or shine! Please bring the whole family and reconnect with classmates as well as meeting new friends!

I also have a few "nuts and bolts" reminders (disregard if you have already completed the following tasks).

*Send your child’s Friday Folder to school tomorrow.  I will send it back home again with any new information.  For the rest of the year, Friday Folders are sent home on Friday and returned to school the following Monday.

*Please return the following forms handed out at our Classroom Meet and Greet:

            1.  Emergency Contact Information 

            2.  Parent 3-2-1 

*Please help your child gather 5 items for their "Me Bag" and have them bring the bag on Monday.  We will each share 1 item a day as we continue to build our classroom community.

*Back-to-School Night is next Wednesday, August 23, 6:00-8:00 pm.  Parents will meet in the gym and then move to their students' classroom presentations. Two identical presentations will be given to allow parents with two or more children at Kyffin to attend a presentation for each child.  Our 2nd grade presentation will be in Mrs. Franey's classroom.  Her room is right around the corner from our classroom.  I hope to see everyone there

*Lastly, Flex Days are right around the corner on Monday, August 28, and Tuesday, August 29.  These two days are used to meet with each student individually.  Students will complete the beginning of the year literacy assessments.  This information is then used to guide my reading instruction for your student.  Please choose one appointment time on Monday OR Tuesday by clicking on the "Sign Up" link above.  School hours are modified so that students only come to school during the time period of their assessment.  

Thank you all for attending our "Meet and Greet" yesterday.  It was a pleasure to meet you and begin our partnership as we collaborate to design the best learning experience for your children. They are an amazing group of students!