I started teaching at Standley Lake High School in the 2000-2001 school year.  Several years later I completed my Masters of Science to add to my undergraduate science studies at CU Boulder and teacher licensure at UNC.  I never planned to teach in one school for such a long time, but I just cannot see leaving a place that is full of such wonderful people.  Over the years, I have taught various levels of Physics, Chemistry, and Algebra.  I currently teach General Chemistry, Pre-IB Honors Physics/Chemistry, and IB Chemistry HL Year 1 courses.
    My dream has always been to be a science teacher, and a professional musician.  Teaching at SLHS, and playing saxophone and guitar in HomeSlice (and for the Denver Broncos Stampede) have made for a surreal life to share with my family.  I feel extremely fortunate to have made my dreams come true, and push for my students to achieve the same successes in life.


    Over the years at SLHS I have helped sponsor Outdoor Club, Skate Club, Break-Dance Club, and created SLHS Battle of The Bands.  I am passionate about experiencing the joys Colorado offers and promote students to do the same.