Ms. Fabio's Classroom

Strategic Reading Class

Overview - This class is designed to help struggling readers with fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary so that students can find meaning and make connections with what they read, leading to an enjoyment and love for reading. We will read fiction and non-fiction while practicing various reading strategies to help with understanding and comprehension.   

Growth Mindset - Every Monday, students will learn about Growth vs. Fixed Mindset.  In short, the idea of a Growth Mindset, is that the brain is malleable and can change and grow with enough struggle, practice, failure, and fixing.  Click here for more information on Growth Mindset.

Homework - All work assigned is to be completed during class.  

Membean - is an online vocabulary program where students learn a variety of new vocabulary words through various learning tasks including reading, spelling, answering questions about the word, watching short videos, and looking at word webs.  We use this program on Monday's and Wednesday's during class.  Your child is not required to use this program outside of class but it can't hurt to spend extra time practicing.  

Newsela - Newsela is an online reading database that provides a variety of non-fiction articles related to many different topics.  We use this tool frequently for reading, writing and discussion purposes.  All students have logged in and have access.  

Library  Summit Ridge's library has an abundance of e-books to download.  

Learning Ally - Teacher's need to create accounts for students.  Many students already have an account set up.  Audio books with a human reader.  Can download just about ANY book.  

Ways You Can Help at Home

1.  Reading with your child at home.  Take turns reading aloud.  
2.  Stop every paragraph and ask them to use a Reading Strategy (see below) to help them understand.
3.  Student can use sticky notes to ANNOTATE (make notes) using pictures or words while using the below Reading Strategies 
4.  Model aloud how you "Think" while reading.  Think Aloud!
5. Your child can read anything they have interest in.  Magazines, Picture Books, Anime, Comics, Video Game Books:)
6.  Audio Books or You Tube Books.

Reading Strategies
Ask a Question
Make a Connection
Clarify Unknown Words or Content
"I see, I think, I wonder"