Teacher Bio

A little Personal Info:
This is my 5th year teaching here at A-West, 14 year teaching overall, and I am pumped to be here.  I have lived in the area since middle school and love Arvada.  Since I began my teaching career over 13 years ago now, I have wanted to work at A-West, and now I am a proud Wildcat.  I spent 10 years at Thornton High School teaching Reading and English and 2 years at Vantage Point, an alternative school which helps get students back on track to graduate.  
I love to read young adult literature and hope to write some of my own some day.  Most of my time is spent with my wife and three kids swimming or doing whatever sport we feel like that day.  Basketball is my sport of passion but I love them all and even help coach the Tennis team.  I believe that Arvada West is one of the best schools in the state and definitely the best high school in Arvada. I love the students and community at A-West. 
Educational Philosophy:
I believe that education is an opportunity for students and teachers to become better people through analytical and creative thought and communication.  We all live to learn. 
Period 1-Assisted Reading 10th Grade
Period 2-Assisted Reading 9th Grade
Period 3-Creative Writing
Period 4-Off
Period 5-Off/Study Hall
Period 6-English 9
Period 7-English 9